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The most reliable & comfortable car in the world!

afriend4life, 09/01/2013
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I've owned a dozen cars in the past: 2 Cadillac's, Jaguar, 3 BMW's, Infiniti, Corvette - most I've owned for 12-15 months and had to invest $1700-$3300 per year on maintenance. I've owned '99 LS400 for 3+ years & it has been the most reliable car I've ever owned - my ex, Lexus SC430 was just as good, & they both have the "world's most reliable engine" award. I do a safety inspection once a year & surprised to hear that all is good, no problems with suspension, engine or transmission. I'm only changing oil every 10K miles (using Amsoil), brakes last long & tires are good for 70K miles. Besides better handling that my ex-BMW 540i had - this Lexus has been such a pleasure to own & joy to ride!

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Me and my Lexus LS 400

padevlin, 04/22/2005
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I just purchased this car about one week ago; it is the best car that I have owned during my 53 years of driving and I have driven just about all of them. I could not afford a new one; had to settle for a used one. It is in excellent shape for a 6 year old car. Heavy miles but in excellent condition. I can't decide which I like best: the design or the drive? It is a fabulous car and I am glad that I finally own one. It is a real thrill to put the pedal down and feel the surge of the powerful V8 after driving a V6 over the last 5 years.

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Excellent, comfortable car

micahberry, 03/05/2012
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Excels on the interstate, where it absorbs pavement irregularities superbly. It is a comfortable traveling car for my family. This is not a back road burner – the LS400 features a lot of body roll, which is to be expected as part of the design. You will be hard pressed to find a more comfortable long-range cruising car. I purchased this car with 113k miles. As of this writing, it has 140k. I have had to replace the starter, which I have learned through owner’s forums is a wearable item. In addition, rubber suspension bushings on the car should be replaced to keep the incredible Lexus ride. Thankfully, they don’t need to be replaced but once every 10 years or so!

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Best Lexus ever made

anna, 04/12/2009
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Best Lexus ever mAde. Best car money can buy you, no mechanical problems, no oil leaks. It mind bubling that germans can't make qualiy cars. I never see BMW, MB, VW or AUDI with 100000 miles and no leaks. But Lexus can go no problem to 300,000 miles without any issues. It is a tank-comfy one, looking good, very fast. If you're willing to pay a speeding ticket just hit the accelerator and in a heartbeat you get 155 mph. I did update my wheels to 18", that got me big improvement in handling and cornering, it was worth it. Car that you could trust, will not get you stuck.

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Where have I been?

Allen Wilson, 02/21/2003
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After a friend purchased a '98 ES 300, and seeing how quiet, well designed and smooth it was, I was forever taken by the Lexus name. My next venture was to find a bigger version, which of course is the LS. After test driving one, I was amazed at the smoothness of the ride, the accurate control, the solid, tight and assuring feel of the steering. I bought one a month later..

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