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my lumina

bisa, 05/20/2002
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i feel this car, from the perspective of a young adult, has a large outer body and unattractive appearance. due to my age i feel this car unsuitable in appearance; however i give high marks to reliablity because this car gets me from locations a to b with moderate gas consumtion.

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Old "Mina"

Mol, 03/20/2009
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For what this car lacks in the looks department it more than makes up for in the reliability department! It literally doesn't matter what you do to it, this car refuses to quit running- and I've done a LOT to it... It totes my dogs around, it's been hit by a deer... it's been left in the woods with the windows down in the rain (by the previous owner...). At 147,000 miles the ride's now a little dicey sometimes, but that can be expected with any geriatric car!

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WAS a good car

CharlieK18, 06/05/2002
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My grandparents bought this vehicle in February of 90 with 183 miles on it. As my first vehicle for the past 3 years, I hot rodded it quite a bit. But ofcourse it did not have power, so I built a coolair intake, added a throttle body spacer, changed to a sport exhaustm, and changed the cam to a sport racing cam. This total bumped me up to almost 200 HP. I was able to outrun people with the 3.1L engine. But over the past 3 years, the sport performance parts caught up to the transmission, and the other day, it was completely shattered. The car had approximately 128,000 miles on it. It was my favorite car, and will miss it no matter what else I have.

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The Alumina Foil

John, 07/11/2009
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This car has over 278,000 and may make it to 300,000 it has been through 2 sons learning to drive, and they are not easy on vehicles. It is still running strong, only have had to do minor work, Wonder if Chevy would like it back for a study, They did good on this 3.1 FI engine. Only parts replace fuel pump, 250,000, radiator and 275,000. Keep the oil changed, Tran fluid changed, it goes and goes. If GM could repeat this with all their cars, Bankruptcy would never be in their history.

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I Loved It

sscooter, 06/26/2002
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I wanted a Lumina for almost 2 years before I could afford to buy mine used. I bought it 3 years old, with 102,000 miles on it. It had been well maintained and I kept that trend. When my daughter got hit by another driver, the car had over 264,000 miles. Still the original engine and transmission. Normal expected maintainence and upkeep, but no major machanical problems. The brakes wore out a little faster than other cars I've had, but that was a characteristic of this model. I had to replace the alternator about every 2 years; thank goodness for Pep Boys lifetime warrenty. I had only paid $4,000 for the car...I definately got my money's worth!

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