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Huge dissapointment!

Junbug1970, 06/05/2016
3.0si 4dr SUV AWD (3.0L 6cyl 6A)
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I bought this 07 truck used with 89k miles from a local Lexus dealer. It came with 3 months/3k miles warranty. I thought great! It made me confident that it would be a reliable car if the dealership warranty a used vehicles. First off, i love the way this car looks. I considered it cosmetically flawless for an 07 truck. Shines like a pretty penny. It came with 3rd row seats and 2nd row entertainment dvd center. I've owned 3 bmw sedans in the past and loved it. In the first 3 months I've noticed few things. Power steering was a bit heavy. 3rd row seat is extremely tight with leg room, but at least we have it. No spare tire with 3rd row option which was expected, but they dont even have a jack? Once the 3 months passed, the problems begins. It has been continuing issues after issues that never ends. I've owned this truck for a year now and put on less than 5k miles on it and it's time to get rid of it before it becomes more of a money pit. Something about the yaw control that makes the vehicle jerk during take off from a dead stop when the car is still cold in the first 30 mins of driving it. Passenger AC/heater vent motor grinds inside the dash when turning or making a right turn. Now the passenger climate control only blows warm air even when the AC is in full blast but the driver side blows cold. Air suspension deflates over night and you can hear the pump running when you first open the door to inflate it and level the rear of the car. Now it deflates after it sat for about 2-3 hours. Driver passenger LED tail light went out. No way to fix it, but replace the whole tail light assembly. Dvd navigations takes a long time to load and it gets really warm. Rear camera clarity is soo poor that at night it was unuseable. It started leaking oil. Came to find out, the head gasket needed to be replaced. While replacing the head gasket the brittle breather hose needed to be replace because it was guarantee to be broken when you have to take this hose out to remove the head gasket. It never ran the same since then. Rough idles when its cold for about 30 seconds then it was fine. Now the water pump is out and recommeded to replace the thermostat while its being fix. The water pump is plastic electric design and the thermostat is also enclosed in plastic housing assembly. And the location of the water pump and thermostat is impossible to get to that you have to remove the wheels and wheel well to give a little more room to get to it. $560 for the water pump, $170 for the thermostat, 3 magnesium mounting bolts that needed to be replaced and cannot be reused. And 3.5 hours of labor at $175/hour. Right stage two brake light keeps coming on, ive replaced all the bulbs and still comes on intermittently. Lastly, the truck goes to neutral from drive position when you just started moving from a complete stop in the middle of the street while the engine is still running. You cannot just throw it back into drive, you need to press the brake pedal, turn it off and restart the car to put it back in drive. It happened 3 to 4 times so far when my wife was driving it and was afraid that she would get rear ended cus other drivers doesn't know that your car just stopped in neutral position. HUGE SAFETY ISSUE! Called BMW and ofcourse you know the answer to this. This is the first time they are hearing about it when hundreds of others online experiencing the same problems with this safety issue. No oil dip stick. Computer monitors shows how much oil you have. No engine temp gauge unless you unlock certain computer codes to display it on your cluster gauge. Time to get rid of it before something else major needs fixing. Heres the good. Great looking truck! Easy do it your self oil change and filter. No issues with little problems all has been big jobs. Every features works with no issues like heated seats, power windows, mirrors and locks, sunroof and etc. So sad to get rid this beautiful truck, but i can't afford for the unknown with this much major problems with only less than 5k miles in a year.

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Falls apart after 50k Miles!

alcapitalist, 02/05/2012
3.0si 4dr SUV AWD (3.0L 6cyl 6A)
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There were bugs the first year or two but the dealer would provide a loaner so it was not a problem. The dealership staff was courteous and helpful. The problems really started after 50k miles. I missed a flight when the electrical system went haywire. Turns out, it did not like syncing with my phone. So no bluetooth phone to car now. Then around 60k my radiator went out (>$1k to fix). 71k my water pump, solenoid valve, hood shocks (never remember them working) and hood latch replaced ($2,291). Went out on road full of curves and hills but vehicle won't let you drive it if it thinks something is wrong. Very dangerous situation resulted. Had to sit on steep angle side of road.

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Very Disappointed - Definitely not worth the money

mobettuh, 02/25/2013
3.0si 4dr SUV AWD (3.0L 6cyl 6A)
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I purchased a used 2007 BMW X5 less than 1 year ago. This is my FIRST luxury vehicle & I've always heard GREAT reviews about BMW. Within my first year of ownership, I have spent numerous hours in the BMW Service Department having MAJOR repairs done to this vehicle. They have replaced the transmission, the radiator, solenoid valve twice, latch on 3rd seat broke off completely, brake fluid flush, and I'm heading back into the service department this week bcuz the CEL is on again for the 3rd time in 7 weeks. I'm extremely disappointed & would not recommend this vehicle (or any BMW) for purchase. Not the QUALITY that I thought I was getting for my money.

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It feels like a Bimmer

Familyman, 01/05/2007
3.0si 4dr SUV AWD (3.0L 6cyl 6A)
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This is one of the best handling SUVs (or SAV according to BMW) I've driven, equalled only by the new MDX. But what differentiates the X5 from the MDX are the tangible and intangible qualities of a BMW (handling, quiet cabin, solid build, "growl" of the engine, great styling and the looks you get on the street). We loaded the car up with lots of toys - let's hope it's as reliable as their airtight 4-yr maintenance program. The only areas of improvement are the unnecessarily complex iDrive and limited legroom in the 3rd row.

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Junk! Never again BMW. Just lost another customer

jas74, 07/15/2012
3.0si 4dr SUV AWD (3.0L 6cyl 6A)
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BMW used to be the signature of performance and reliability. Today at BMW it is all about profits, gone are the days where you could drive your bimmer 100k with no problems. This is our second X5 in two years, as we thought our first was just a one off lemon. Let me warn you! If you own one of these trucks be prepared to fix it. I don't mean when it hits 100k. I mean 50, 60k! This last experience sent us over the edge as telescoping wheel motors failed and the tail lamp malfunction was reported on the computer and BMW said $150.00 to replace just the light and over a grand for the steering wheel motors Whatever I said and traded it in. Do yourself a favor a buy a Infiniti or Lexus!

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