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Still Love it after 20 years

DRBroundtheworld, 10/10/2010
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After owning my car for 20 years and 141,000 miles it's still going strong and I'm still in love with it. I'm short (5'1") and this car fits me well - able to reach the clutch without chewing on the stearing wheel. Forsome reason I've replaced way too many muflers and brakes but maybe that's because I had the work done at Midas. Other than those expenses I've barely spent a dime on repairs except for starting this year. And it could be because it was involved in 2 accidents many years ago and the issues are just beginning to show over time. I still get great gas mileage and it's still peppy. I may hold onto this for another 20 years!

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Excellent car! Excellent deal! Best $1000 I ever spent!

domcuch94, 11/24/2013
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Bought this car for $1000 off of a girl who lived down the road from me. Had 126K when I bought it, has 145K now and has been ultra reliable! Outside of normal maintenance like brakes, rotors, calipers, tires, exhaust, hatch supports, and oil changes. This thing has been fantastic! Only let me down once when the alternator went and I was stuck on the side of the highway. I had to get that replaced. But since then, has not left me stranded and it takes me everywhere so that's why I gave it a 5 for reliability. Very awesome car. Doesn't burn any oil, runs great, and hardly any rust on it! Will drive this car until the doors fall off!!

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225,000 & Still Kicking

salb222, 08/10/2005
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This car is awesome. I've been the only owner for 13-plus years and I still get 27 MPG!! From fit and finish to exterior design to overall quality, this car lives up to its name-- Integrity. Best car I've ever owned. ABS lines were the only things outside of normal maintenance (e.g., clutch, timing belt, reg oil changes) that had to be replaced. Worth every penny and still runs like the day I bought it. Would have loved more power and a delayed-switch rear wiper, but other than that, can't complain.

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Electrical problems galore

hienz1, 11/02/2009
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The Integrated Control Unit (not the car computer) behind the fuse panel shorted out. I had to replace the starter, battery, batt. cables, distributor, fuel injectors, the capacitors inside the ICU, starter switch, fuel pump relay, every single relay & fuse, blower motor & resistors. I built my own resistors because the stock ones kept breaking. The mounting tang for the blower motor fuse broke off, so I had to splice into one of the starter switch wires and connect it to the fuse. I had to jumper 2 of the terminals on the fuse panel with a blade-fuse holder to restore power to the stereo. I also changed the drive shafts & all struts, and I do my own brakes. Time 2 sell.

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My first, but very reliable car

Mark, 02/04/2009
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I inherited the Acura from family. It did spectacularly for 1.5 years, with problems every couple of months (I got the car with 140K miles). All I can say is that it was a dream. The car handled extremely well, and, as a new driver, it helped me avoid collisions and accidents (I have not had one since driving on it). It felt like it could turn on a dime, quickly, and accelerate in tight corners. It was a really great car, but at 200+K it died of alternator, transmission, and fuel line failure compounded to create an unusable car. In my experience, I had to perform maintenance every few months to keep the car going, but, to me, it was worth it because the car was such a great drive.

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