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Fun and Practical

Mike W, 08/15/2009
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I bought my Spyder with 8,666 miles on it in December 2007. I had first looked at a Spyder several years earlier. I almost couldn't believe my ears when the Carmax salesman told me it had no trunk; I had never heard of a car without a trunk. I passed on it at that time because I thought having a trunk was important. But I'm still single, so I figured what the heck, I have no one I need to please -- I'll buy what I want and put the groceries in the passenger seat. Obviously, the car is fun. It's also more economical than a Miata because it uses regular unleaded gas, and I average about 28.5 mpg in the summer, about 27 in the winter. This car is fine in the snow with snow tires.

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I'll die in this car

Rodney, 08/09/2005
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Purchased a new MR2 a few weeks ago when I heard they were going out of production. Have wanted one for several years and finally bit. I drove HW20 across northern WA last week and it was heaven. 6 hours of twisted mountain roads with the top down. Car has adequate power for what I want, and does it turn. It's just perfect: predictable when pushed in corners, rock solid cruising at 100mph, settled over uneven pavement, fun to drive to work, looks great with the adorable blonde beside me. This is a special type of sports car to me: mid-engine, rear drive, lightweight, modestly priced. I love X1-9s, 914s, 1st generation MR2s. It's sad no one's making one now.

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Best car ever!!!

angela45, 11/18/2014
2dr Convertible (1.8L 4cyl 5M)
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I had a 2004 MR2 with the SMT that I totaled in 2013 and went shopping for another car. With everything else out there, I finally settled on a 2005 MR2 with the five-speed transmission, and had it shipped it from New Jersey to California. I bought the 2005 because I had never loved driving before I drove the MR2 Spyder! Every Saturday and Sunday, I get in the car and do 60-mile loops just do drive it. It's really that much fun. My husband and kids don't even question it anymore. And I've owned these for 10 years now! Driving it never gets old!

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Hard to Beat

Spyder Man, 01/01/2009
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Purchased my green/tan Spyder in Texas when I worked at Texas Tech. Would of course have purchased the Phantom if available (black and red). Learned early on from a friend I could flip the top back without getting out and have it lock in most instances - no apparent damage. This made me want to put the top down whenever possible. Handle - goes where you point it. Great acceleration leaving cars behind at lights without many RPM. Criticized for storage but drove it to Maine with enough clothes packed in to work indefinitely. Really enjoyed running 80 much of the time. OE Bridgestones being replaced at 18k under a warranty that came with the car. Pondering adding sports muffler.

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Most fun ever, even wife agrees

Dick, 07/13/2005
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I bought this car because of style and price. The Miata is severly under powered and too bland. The MR-2 looks like it's bad-assed brother, and runs circles around it. I bought the green model because it was different and the compliments are amazing. Talk about fun, 0 to 60 in a heart beat without wheel chirp, handles like a dream, like it's on a rail. Even my wife admits that it's way too much fun NOT to take anywhere. The only problem is storage space, there isn't any, so you make do.

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6 speed SMT

thatwasme, 08/31/2012
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DO NOT buy an MR2 spyder with the SMT -- it will fail, and Toyota will not be able to fix it. Something about the electronics, which Toyota is now famous for over-engineering and then having it all go haywire, and Toyota's well-deserved reputation for never admitting to screw ups. If you buy ANY Toyota, be sure and get as long a warranty as possible -- these electronics are VERY expensive, and rarely stay fixed for long.

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I love my MR2 Spyder

Wanda Brown, 07/27/2005
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My MR2 is so much fun to drive though I agree that there isn't much storage I can put a lot in the lockers and I put a luggage rake on the back for travel. I love the gas mil it gets and the SMT transmission in mine. I'ts not a family car for sure but it works for me and my son.

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MR2 Spyder

Beth, 05/07/2005
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It's a car made strictly for fun, with no heavy-duty responsibilities. It's a joy to drive and I enjoy the comments I get about it.

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CA Spyder

Cwgrisier, 10/09/2004
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I had a Spyder last year and was in a head-on collision going 60 MPH on freeway into concrete barricade. The car was totaled. The passenger and I walked away with no injuries. Actually the passenger had a bruise on his nose caused by the airbags. I felt so safe, I bought another one.

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MsMerl, 04/16/2005
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Everyone told me I would regret buying this car but I just love it! For the first time in my life I go for a drive just for the chance to be in it! It fits me perfectly and it makes me feel good. I enjoy driving it on country road and in town.

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