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The Adventure Wagon

Andrew, 09/26/2015
Outback 4dr Wagon AWD
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Understand this isn't a Mercedes, although this car doesn't offer much in respect to the interior the reliability is outstanding for a four cylinder car. When I purchased my 2.5L wagon it had 190,000 miles on it. It now has 280,000 miles on it and is running no different then when I bought it. From the coast of California to the coast of north Carolina, this car has only needed an oil change here and there! Weather you be a first time car buyer or someone who wants a reliable car to keep miles off there nice car, you can not go wrong with this car. I will say the acceleration is terrible, I know some people have complaints about the head gasket blowing but I have the feeling its because they tried to drive the car to hard. But as long as you keep the timing belt changed and drive sensibly this car will take great care of you. Other notes: I have a 130lb dog she fits fine in there, the seats lay down giving me plenty of storage room; in fact because I travel so much I usually get a memory foam mattress topper and it makes a perfect bed for me and her (im 6'1). This car also eats oil so just be sure you check the oil every 3000 miles or so. Another thing I noticed when I was in the desert it was sitting stationary for about 5 minutes and started to over heat... I turned it off to let it cool and it was all good. Far as the steering goes its defiantly a longer car; ever since ive owned the car if I make a sharp turn at low speeds it shakes and vibrates a lot... im not sure why but its never hurt anything. The seats padding somewhat wears out on the outside and you can feel the wire frame after a while of getting in and out of the car (im not over weight at all im in great shape... its not because im fat) but the fabric is good material and wont rip easily. also the car has a feature where it notifies you if a specific door is open... they tend to fail over time and it may be telling you a door is open when its not.. that's kind of annoying. The tailgate light also miss reads if the rear door is open or not over time, again nothing major but it can by irritating. Far as clean up goes I have a long hair dog and the carpet doesn't trap hair, its actually really easy to clean up. Also if you change elevation quickly such as going through the rocky mnts the oxygen sensor will go off causing the check engine light to come on, just have it cleared after you get back to a more steady elevation. Remember to keep the tire pressure even! this is what caused the rear end to wine when I bought the vehicle; I guess the previous owner neglected to keep the tire pressure in check which resulted in a wine in the rear end. Something else Im not fond of is the cup holders... there to small.

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Watch those head gaskets

joeysalazar1976, 08/20/2009
Outback 4dr Wagon AWD
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The Subaru brand, much like Saab come from airplane companies. The build quality and performance are amazing for the price. But repairs are expensive. The Subaru 2.5 is god awful for blowing head gaskets if you don't baby your car. But if you treat your car right, you will get to experience all wheel drive like no other car company can build for some reason. I have had a wrx and an outback, and both have been whips.

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Awesome Car!!!

Sherry , 04/03/2009
Outback 4dr Wagon AWD
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I bought this car with 98,000 miles as of today I have 252,000. It still runs like a top. I drive over a 100 miles a day to work and I have never felt so safe. Never fails to start. I have only had to do the usual maintenance for it. I make sure it has an oil change ever 3000 and regular maintenance. But I love this car. I live where there are a lot of dirt roads and the roads are not always plowed when I leave for work. This car, with a set of snow tires will walk through anything. I have a driveway that goes down hill along ways, and snow gets pretty deep in my driveway. But this car walk up that driveway like it was summer. I just can’t say enough about the car.

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Solid car but expensive to maintain

Dave Marshall, 07/10/2009
Brighton 4dr Wagon AWD
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Bought at 68K in 2004, we've driven this car everywhere many times over and are now at 199K. Engine still good, never got stuck thanks to AWD, and not a single breakdown. Car has been an unusually expensive one specifically in axle and brake repairs (both rotors and pads). Cat converter began failing long ago but only intermittently. Knock sensor also keeps setting off engine light. Luckily we never had the problems reported for some subies in the head gasket (we have the 2.2L) Original tranny is now close to death (slow to shift, clunks, drivetrain whines). May have pushed it over the edge last year with temporarily mismatched tires. ALWAYS match all 4 tires.

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Bought it for $500

grand_dan_97, 08/16/2011
Outback Limited 4dr Wagon AWD
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I just bought this car in early august with 339,500 miles on it, now its got over 400k and i have little complaints. The hatch wont open...idk; the gas gauge does not work, however the gas dumby light does; The seat heaters, 12v outlets, heated power mirrors, all work, but by some manufcturers ****, they all are on the one 20 amp fuse, which means they all work but dont try and use the 12v...once again im confused of how to fix it. But everything else works, minus a fog light which had a rock put through at 60mph a couple weeks ago. Great on gas almost 400mile on one tank. Satisfying perfomance and handling. Stereo is weak, and finding a wiring converting kit for it is impossible.

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