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Sturdy Build and a Fun to drive

Scubado, 02/01/2010
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No issues whatsoever since purchase. Ride or Slide this car and it is always ready for more.The AWD does it job and it is especially evident after driving other FWD cars in its class. The real kick comes beyond 3500 rpm when the boxer starts to scream. The mechanical build more than makes up for the bare minimum interior. Getting an avg 22-24mpg 50%city 50% hwy.

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A great little car!

hepsuba, 05/01/2013
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This is my 7th Subaru. My oldest was a 1978 and my newest was a 2009, from little 4WD wagons to Outbacks. This is my second Impreza (previous one was a '98). I have to say, of all the Subarus I've owned, this one may be my favorite. I love it's simplicity and its great handling, power, and design. It's what I call very "point and shoot" -the car goes where you want it to when you want it to. Visibility and responsiveness are wonderful. The cabin is simple yet has everything you need. And as others have commented, it's the last of the truly good looking Impreza's. The small size is great - park it wherever you want, squeeze into traffic, no problem. A great little car.

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It Imprezzed Me

alexander323, 12/12/2010
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I just bought a used version of the vehicle with only 12,000 miles on it. I really like its fuel efficiency and AWD capability. This car has better gas mileage than my old Jeep Grand Cherokee and has a reputation of being more reliable. The Impreza can do most everything my Jeep can do just in a more compact lighter size.

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Most Fun for the Money

Fandango, 01/27/2007
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This car reminds me of an English sports car in the sense that it's a driver's car first. Performance and handling are near perfect, while creature comforts and amenities are less so. But that's OK. I'll trade overhead caddies, fancy cupholders, extra auxiliary power outlets, MP3 hookups, a premium sound system and even a little seat comfort for a thrill ride through canyon twisties any day, and that's what this little car delivers in spades, holding the road like a cat. It's about the most fun you can get in a new sport sedan for about $18,000. And yes, the 2.5 liter non-turbo engine produces plenty of smooth power and great torque for spirited driving in the old sports car tradition.

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Still Fun, After All These Miles

Fandango, 10/28/2007
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This is a 20,000-mile update after driving the car daily for nine months. No mechanical problems to report. It's still the most fun for the money. I like the simple, traditional interior design and layout. A word to those on a budget. This car comes with highly rated, very expensive tires, and if you damage one, you may have to replace the whole set to avoid damaging the AWD.

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