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Timing belt breaks, engine is no good

chris, 04/05/2009
B2300 SE 2dr Extended Cab SB
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I was beyond shocked to find out that my engine was no good after my timing belt broke. My 1996 Mazda B2300 SE extended cab pickup broke the timing belt at engine idle. The mechanic informed me that the 2.3 liter engines in these pickups are considered to be interference engines, which means when the timing belt breaks, the pistons will destroy the and bend the valves in the engine, making the engine useless.

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Excelent first truck

Vapor, 04/28/2002
B2300 SE 2dr Regular Cab SB
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Every kid or parent should consider this truck for his or her first vehicle. First off it is one of the most well built pieces of machinery I have seen on the road, truly built to last. With 112hp and 135ft-lbs torque it has excellent acceleration if you know how to drive it well. I have toped out speed around 105mph and I think it still had just a bit more power left in her. She will probably do 110 which is plenty fast for any truck. I have never had to replace a part on this truck and I merely do basic maintenance. Regular oil changes, fluid checks, tune-ups, spark plugs, filters, cables, etcetera, etcetera. Anyone interested in a small pickup I recommend u look at this one first.

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pretty nice, 06/14/2008
B4000 SE 2dr Regular Cab 4WD SB
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I like the truck. It's powerful and stylish. There is one thing you all should know that in both rear fenders rust so I took it and had it fixed at an auto body shop. But over all every thing is comfortable and reliable.

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alot for the $$$

blitz, 04/17/2002
B4000 LE 2dr Extended Cab SB
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I bought this truck used about 2 yrs ago to tow my 17ft boat (2500 lbs). I had my doubts as to if it would have the power I needed. This truck has proven it's worth. Not only does it tow good but it actually drives better with the load. The truck is very tight and agressive to drive and the jump seats in the back are great for the kids. Knock on wood I have had no probs with it. The jump seats are definantly for kids only but they are fine for my 10 and 6 yr olds to make a trip to the lake. I do get a howling noise that nobody seems to be able to find. I'm not too concerned because I think it's a exhaust prob not drive train.

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simplystina, 07/26/2006
B2300 2dr Regular Cab SB
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I LOVE my little truck, I have NEVER had any problems with it! It is the BEST investment I put into ever. The most money I have put into it was the price for it. No problems what so ever. Going on 116,000 miles and still ticking. Gas is great, speed is great...I would DEFINITELY buy a second one for my fiancée if I could.

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