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1998 Continental

eric, 02/25/2016
4dr Sedan
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I bought this cream put for the tiny sum of 1600 bucks. it had 130k miles. i took her for an hour test drive and just couldn't find any reason not to buy. i had her for 2 or 3 years and sold her for 1200 bucks to some lucky stiff. first off, the paint and leather are top quality. the v8 was fast for this type of car. if i wasn't careful i was doing 95 on the highway. all i can say is that i had no major repairs at all and she was like driving your living room couch. nice. the gas mileage was great for such a big car as i normally got 27 mpg on the highway and i was doing 80. Now, there are some lil issues to watch out for: DOOR AJAR code - this can be fixed by spraying air into the rear door latches. it works for a month or two and then you had to spray again. a minor inconvenience. i kept my spray bottle under the seat. BATTREY - strange, but if your battery is nearing its life on this car, weird things happen. for me i got a steering fault. i desalt with it for a while because the car started fine. i read about this online and someone said that old batteries do not mix well. the next day i bought a new battery and i never had the issue again. AIR SUSPENSION - every morning the rear would sit low. it would pump up fine though and work all day. i bought a bag online for i think like 80 bucks as i suspected one bag of being leaky. ill tell you what, i couldn't believe how easy it was to swap. no joke, i just jacked her up popped the old one out with a ratchet and new one in. it was a 25 minute job. i really couldn't believe it. I have to say, for the money you can't go wrong. such a nice ride and safe too. i see em all the time from 98-02 with 70-120k miles for 2-3k. you just can't beat the value.

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Comfortable and classy

Cody Marten, 02/25/2015
4dr Sedan
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For a 15 year old car, she still gets around quite well. I bought mine with a salvage title with 42k miles. Have put over 15k on it so far and have had no mechanical problems other than one instance of a mysterious loss of power. Despite this hiccup, the only problems I've had so far are cosmetic damage associated with having a 10+ year old car. My only complaints would be poor fuel economy and turning dynamics. It's a big car with a big engine, so I expect to pay a lot for gas though. Due to it's size, it doesn't take turns well. Your rear passengers may go for a ride if you take them too sharply. Overall, it's been a great car and I've enjoyed owning it.

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Love My Linc

EHP, 09/26/2008
4dr Sedan
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I bought the car 2 years old with mileage in the high 30's to replace my ailing Buick. I have never been sorry for a minute that bought this car, it was way ahead of it's time technologically and my now 8 year old car with 153K miles on it under my foot still put most to shame.

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You gotta get one or two

Eric, Fairfield OH, 02/23/2009
4dr Sedan
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I brought this brute used and it was going to be the long trip car only. Well guess what, it is my everyday driver. The features on this car rival all the so called new tech opts even on the 6 figure imports. The best feature is the selectable rear susp and steering level. Wow! Only Lincoln drivers know what I'm talking about. The steering wheel mounted controls for HVAC fan speed, temp, radio and cruise..all the things you need to keep any button pushing techy stoned with amazement and awe for years. I have been on Ohio's northern snow highways and others spun while I run. When summer hits the clean paint and chrome blinds the sun.

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My Continental

mgummy, 04/26/2010
4dr Sedan
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This car is my first car, and i love it. Being almost 7 feet tall, this car is the perfect size for me. The trunk space is mafia style (3 dead bodies)! It has a few issues like the airbag light that keeps coming on. Its actually easy enough to parallel park, suprisingly.

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