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Hot 255cc

Tom Raymond, 10/04/2016
GT 2dr Hatchback
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I have had this car since it came out new in 1994. I have had to put an ignition module on it one time, change valve cover gaskets one time, put brake shoes on it twice and tires on it numerous times through the 22 years that I have owned it. It presently needs a new A/C clutch, it is rattling pretty badly and a gvr valve cleaned out because it sets a check engine light but seems to have no other bad effects from it. The ABS brakes have been disconnected because they eventually started setting the check engine light and I don't like ABS anyway. I now have 127,000 miles on it. Mine has the 5 speed manual transmission, GT model with the ground effects trim. It has the 152 cid (2500cc) engine that would run with the best of them when new and will still get up and go on command. When new, I tried it out once and it would do 135 mph of the 140 mph on the speedometer. It still starts readily and takes me anywhere I need to go. The car is light weight and tires seem to get hard long before they are worn out. I don't remember ever wearing a set of tires out on the car. It handles great out on the road and steering and acceleration is very responsive. I'm 74 now and still enjoy the car although it is getting harder for me to get in and out of it since it sits so low. The car has so much glass that it will work the A/C on a hot day to keep it cool but will get the job done. As it has aged, it has developed the normal rattles, squeeks and other noises but they still aren't that bad, or I'm just getting deaf enough that I don't hear it anymore. The paint has held up great & all door/window seals are still sealed well. The seating is adequate but not made for long hauls (400 -500 miles). The seats will start getting uncomfortable after about 200 miles for a person weighing about 130#. Update..... the Probe is now 27 years old, still starts and runs fine. It still has the typical minor squeeks and rattles of an older car but they are minor. Gas mileage has dropped from originally about 25-28mpg to about 22-24mpg. I would trade it in but no one will give me anything for it and it still runs good and that is all I really need. My opinion, it was built good and is a fine car for one or two people.

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inexpensive? i think not

Lysabet, 09/23/2002
SE 2dr Hatchback
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the transmission in my '94 probe se failed at 80k, and cost 3k to fix it, which is more than the value of the car. other than normal maintanence i've replaced the O2 sensors twice, the entire exhaust system, and too many engine parts to write the air conditioning is the only thing in my car that has been reliable. plus, i have a clean driving record and the insurance is expensive. it's an inexpensive "sports car", however the repairs and parts are super expensive. unless you can do the work yourself, or have an awesome mechanic, you'll be spending lots of cash to keep the car on the road.

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Anything But Reliable

sjj, 06/09/2002
GT 2dr Hatchback
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This car was great for the first few months. Everything worked fine. Once it got to about 100,000 miles everything just started falling apart. It needed new bearings, cv joints, mass air flow sensor, oxygen sensors, water pump, and belts. The complete brake system had to be replaced. The calipers, the lines, the pads and everything. It still needs a new clutch, and the transmission is really, really jerky in reverse. I know all of these repairs are common for higher milage cars, but $3,000+ in repairs in only 6 months is just outrageous. That is probably more then it is actually worth.

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Crappiest Car ever

jennyfly09, 03/24/2011
SE 2dr Hatchback
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I bought a 1994 Ford Probe the middle of last year and I'm sorry to say but this is the worst car that I have ever seen. Within a month, I had to pay 1600 to get the transmission rebuilt. To this day, I've paid at least over 2300 dollars in repairs and it still needs repairs done to it. I've read the other reviews here about their probes and they were the lucky ones but I honestly will most likely never buy another Ford again because this one completely ruined it for me. The car was only owned by one other person and she had similar issues with it so i highly doubt its the age because she took care of it, fixed it when it needed to be.

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Fun car

ssco00, 10/08/2010
GT 2dr Hatchback
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I bought this new in Ohio and broke it in with a trip to Colorado a week later. Once I found the proper seat setting, it is completely comfortable for 600+ mile days. Ride is harsh, but seats fine. Great trunk space, takes intersections like a slot car. It really likes to play on mountain roads. 10,000 feet altitude is no problem. Have had CV joints, front struts, engine mounts, part of exhaust system and distributor replaced. I replaced gas springs on hatch twice, the headlights recently, and the power antenna needs replaced. Not bad for 16 years.

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