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Used 2004 Ford F-150 SuperCab Consumer Reviews

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5 out of 5 stars

Drive it like you stole it

natureschild88, 07/02/2013
4dr SuperCab FX4 4WD Flareside 6.5 ft. SB (5.4L 8cyl 4A)
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Simply put: best vehicle I have ever owned. I bought my '04 FX4 with 50k miles. After owning for 5 years, I sold it with 174k miles on it. Every mile was hard driven. I have a heavy foot, like to floor it, frequently jump curbs with it, drive it like I stole it. Towed a 19' boat from San Diego to Lake Havasu and back on multiple occasions. Previous owner replaced the transmission: he was towing a 26' cabin cruiser with it - something you need an f250 for. Only thing I did was replace alternator and serp belt. Oil changes every 5-7k miles with MobilOne 5-20 full synthetic. I sold the truck to buy a newer model. At 174k miles, excellent resale value. Felt like crying the next day. Best truck.

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3.88 out of 5 stars

mixed feelings

telcom48, 01/30/2013
4dr SuperCab Lariat 4WD Styleside 6.5 ft. SB (5.4L 8cyl 4A)
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I bought my 2004 F-150 supercab 4x4 lariat on black fiday 2005 with 45,000 miles already on it. This is basically my first truck. This is heavily optioned with everything you could get or want. With the automatic on the floor, I thought the interior was just the coolest. Needless to say, the looks and styling got me. I currently have just under 185,000 miles on the truck. I fully expect to get 300,000 miles or more before i get a new truck. Here is where the mixed feelings come in. I have spent an average of $1500 a year maintaining this truck! My recommendation is this... Do NOT buy the first model year of ANY vehicle when there has been a COMPLETE redesign. Wait until the bugs are out.

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4.63 out of 5 stars

Love this truck but you will have issues along the way.

bigbertha, 03/01/2012
4dr SuperCab Lariat 4WD Styleside 5.5 ft. SB (5.4L 8cyl 4A)
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This is a wonderful truck to own. It looks good drives good and is dependable. However, expect one if not all of the window regulators to go out. Ford used cheap plastic parts so the gear will go bad eventually. Second, the spark plugs for 04-08 models were designed poorly and get seized into the heads. Expect a bill of anywhere from 800-2000 to replace them as Ford charges by hour to remove them because they break off. Last, the timing gears are plastic and break and result in thousands of dollars in repairs. VCT Solenoid & cam phasers also go bad. Google all the known issues with this truck first. These are the major ones to expect. If you're able to work through them it's a good truck.

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3 out of 5 stars

Silent killer

bill, 03/26/2008
4dr SuperCab XL Rwd Styleside 8 ft. LB (5.4L 8cyl 4A)
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It's a good handling truck overall. The only thing is it wears tires out fast and the front end shakes a lot. The engine at 100,000 miles had a tune up and it cost 1,800 dollars we had to replace 3 coils on the plugs. At 116,000 miles the motor went out and we spent 7,000 dollars on a new motor. The Ford company says the motors have very tight tolerances and have no room for error. The oil gummed up in the oil pan and stopped up the return tubes not allowing the oil to drain back down to the bottom end. So the oil pump failed and the cam phasers went then the bottom end. Most mechanics say it's a bad design on the motor.

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4 out of 5 stars

222,460 miles, and runs and looks new.

john Damps, 09/10/2016
4dr SuperCab FX4 4WD Flareside 6.5 ft. SB (5.4L 8cyl 4A)
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this truck just looks awesome,i keep it because its unusual ,ext cab 4x4 5,4 3 valve, 300 hp,365 tourq,i have a 2012 chevy 1500 4x4 z71 with 5,3, gets better milage than the ford, power is just as good and rides great, and a 2012 chevy 2500 4x4 with 6.0 gas motor,tows my 22 ft skeeter bass boat and my heavy equipment, I have towed 16,500 lbs,my john deere 50 excavator and 3500lbs trailor with no problem and have a 9,3 ft boss v-plow,i keep the ford because its paid for and its mint, not 1 spot of rust, the fram -springs undercarage is like new,i love the Wedgwood blue and tan 2 tone,and the flair side is rair and I love it,somehow ford makes it feel and drive big,i love the captian chairs and big tow mirrors,with signal lights,its a little hard on gas in town ,not bad on highway,but the 5,3 chevy is better on feul,but there is a million of them,their not many flair side fords,so ill keep driving it, its the sharpest truck they made, and I had a 07 Lincoln mark lt , the chevy 2500 has its place in my company its a work horse,but I want to see if I can get 500,000 miles out of my o4 f 150,[fords best truck in a half ton] the new turbo v6 I don't trust,i think there a gimmick,lets see them at 220k,than talk to me,long live the v-8'

5 out of 5 stars
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