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Love my 1999 LUMINA LTZ

kenl56, 04/28/2012
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I ordered my 1999 Lumina LTZ from GM built to my personal specs. Fully loaded. I had only four problems: 1. Alternator went out after 3 years 2. Switch for the automatic windows went out after 6 years 3. I was told my gas line needed replacement after 11 years (Maybe yes or maybe no) 4. When I floor the car the AC fan slows down ( No big deal since it rebounds after a few seconds) Other than that I have had no other problems. Every time I consider replacing my Lumina I back off asking myself, "WHY". I never had the engine tuned, I change the Oil every 10000 miles whether it needs it or not. The tires get expected life. The Body is in excellent shape minus a couple of parking lot dings

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Lumina LTZ lover

marylee, 08/13/2009
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I bought this car in 2000 for 8500.00 w/40k miles. Its had one tune up and replaced the fuel pump/gas tank the first 2 weeks I had it. Since then its been in two car accidents (one was my fault) and had the front end body work done twice. Over 9 years it has had minimal problems. A/c, stuck window. Nothing Major. This year however, I have spent 1800.00 in repairs. 900 of that at the Chevy dealer. Big mistake. All in all. Its been problem free. Now we may be facing a transmission problem. Motor runs perfectly still. We are nearing 214,000 miles and planning to hit 300 by dec! Body is still Nice. Rides great. Mpg 27 mpg when the engines needs it.. We will rebuild it

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Nothing but trouble

gmck25004x4, 04/06/2011
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I bought my wife this car because it had the 3.8 and it was so beautiful. I hate Luminas and I didnt consider this a Lumina. It looked different with the package on smelled like a Lumina, acted like a Lumina, and it was in the shop once a week like a Lumina. Interior is very uncomfortable. Hard for a real man to back into the cockpit without hitting his head and his butt. Seat is too low to the floor. Knees and legs groaned to get out after 200 miles. Gas mileage in town is 21 and on the highway is 27.7. It still got 21 on 30 mile trips. Had to go on 200 mile trips to get 27.7 Go figure... Intake gaskets and plenums are easy to go out on this. If you smell antifreez

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love my lumina!

chevygirl, 06/19/2009
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My lumina has almost 122 thousand miles on it and is a 99 model. I have never had any problems about it except I have had to replace my spark plugs. Besides that I have my oil changed every 3-4 thousand miles and its still rolling. I only fill up with gas about once every week and a half. Its not a 'cool' car but it gets me from a to b, and is very reliable!

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A Great Overall Car

mindbreaker21601, 02/12/2009
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I just bought this car and it only had around 73,000 miles on it. I love the premium sound package that it has and the great bass from the factory speakers. My only regret is that they no longer make this car.

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