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1LE 2SS/RS Is a Civilized Beast Daily Driver

effirsay, 01/24/2015
SS 2dr Coupe w/2SS (6.2L 8cyl 6M)
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Purchased my 2014 1LE with the dual mode exhaust and Recaro seats, after looking at Mustang GTs, M3s, and 370Zs. Wanted a car that was fun to drive, comfortable, reliable, and good looking. This car was the best bang for the buck, for me, and a set of winter tires let me continue to enjoy it in the winter months. It is also one of the safest and most reliable performance cars out there. Finally, the 1LE package is fairly rare, and really improves the performance and stance of the car. Really stands out at work in a parking lot full of gray, boring Japanese and German sedans.

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Sporty, comfortable daily driver

stoopid3, 03/27/2014
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I'm 6' 3" and find the front seats comfortable. Automatic transmission is quick to shift and doesn't hunt much. V6 is plenty of power (~6.0 sec 0-60). Lots of low end torque so getting moving is instant. The OE tires get good reviews on tirerack and I found their traction in snow to be above average. Handling on wet and dirt roads fine. Typically people get 50,000 miles on them too!

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Everything I was looking for

voltz06, 11/17/2013
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I picked my 2014 V6 LS manual Camaro in October. after a 5 month search of different vehicles I narrowed the field down to this car. I do a lot of driving for work and previous experiences have shown me that those estimated mpg stickers on cars usually lean on the generous side.I believe the sticker said 28 mpg highway. Now Granted most of my driving is highway I'm averaging 25-26 mpg which I'm very pleased with since i don't normally have the lightest foot out there. The best parts of my day is the drive to and from work! So fun to drive!!!

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Amazing car

scottr32, 07/09/2014
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I've had the car for a little over six months now and it still excites me every time i start it up. The handling is incredible and ride quality was well above what I expected. With a sports car you would expect a rough ride, this car feels comparable to a high comfort car.

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This is a sweet ride!

mountainguy65, 09/28/2014
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Well, I'm past my mid-life crisis and in my mid 50's. I've had some very nice sports cars over the years, from a '78 Trans Am to a 350Z. With my desire to go really fast changed to just fast and fun, this car is a hit. Mine is Hot Red with white stripes and it looks amazing! The V6 has plenty of power and having a manual again is pure joy. The only problem I've had is that my wife and daughter want to go everywhere in my car. On weekends, my car is the only one that moves. Then again, that's the joy of owning a car this sweet.

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got Camaro 2LS this week

klimarov, 02/07/2014
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I've been on market for a sporty car which wont be a complete gas guzzler like 6.2+ cars. I rented mustang few months ago, however didn't like it much in comparison to 2014 camaro. Camaro is one toy to own and the price is more than fair. front seats are amazing! who wants rear seats in a sport's car anyways? The acceleration is excellent (mustang in comparison had 2-3 sec downtime after pressing the pedal), camaro has no down time. As for trunk, the trunk is decent, fairly big, only problem is the opening is small, but it can be dealt with. If you can afford it, i would suggest you get it.

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Love my Commute

Alex Gonzalez, 07/13/2017
SS 2dr Coupe w/2SS (6.2L 8cyl 6M)
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I purchased my 14 Camaro 2SS new. Actually two of them, my first was badly wrecked from behind within seven weeks. The safety and integrity of the car held very well, If I would have been in my Corvette I may not have been so lucky. I purchased another exactly like it a few weeks later, and now it's five years I have owned it. I originally purchased the car for commuting on 2 hours a days in Miami. I can now say it's a uplift in my spirit to drive and makes my commute a thing to look forward too. And with no issues at all, only maintenance an easy car to own and drive.

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cpal77, 03/22/2014
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Always been a Camaro fan no matter what generation. I purchased a 2LS and have no regrets this Car is nothing short of spectacular. As a previous owner of a 1995 Camaro I new that I would make a comparison. Wow what a difference especially for a V6...a make that is sometimes frowned upon...This vehicle accelerates faster, smoother, and is simply quick. I did not buy this car to race or to compare to others, this car was one that i simply wanted because of my dedication to the brand. The most important thing that impresses me is the looks...this work of art is simply a joy to look at...and enjoy a a great ride....outstanding product by Chevy!

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3 weeks in

lansingdriver, 04/18/2014
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Was very hesitant to buy the camaro as the last two gm cars i had were duds (fiero and corsica). Liked the styling and price and the test drive sold me on buying it. Very fun to drive. Definitely agree it has some kick. Exhaust sounds nice, but not as deep of purr as the 2005 mustang i owned had. Like the seat. Im 6'4" and i have plenty of head room. Getting 1 or 2 mpg over the stated range. I drive mix of city and highway. Diffent getting used to seeing out the rear/sides, but im adjusting. Its true there a big blind spot on either side. like console, but plastic marrs easily. less cheap and rattly plastic than my 05 stang had. Summary - happy owner so far.

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Fun Ride!

darkvictory, 03/02/2015
LT 2dr Coupe w/1LT (3.6L 6cyl 6M)
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I have an automatic with the paddle shifting. The car is great fun but I agree, the blind spots are considerable. I've learned to position the car to overcome them when turning. I have no issue when driving as the mirrors fine. Lots of power for a v6. I get 22-23 city gas mileage and do most of my driving in the city so I'm quite pleased. The car is comfortable on long drives with good back support. I consider mine a 2 seater because no one would be comfortable sitting behind me. Very tight in the back. Trunk opening is oddly small but trunk space is super! Only regret is that I didn't get a manual transmission. A bit throatier. This car doesn't rumble much.

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