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Almost Perfect

butch, 12/27/2009
GS-R 4dr Sedan
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Vehicle: 1998 GSR 4dr. Color cypress green. I purchased the car in March of 1998, and have enjoyed almost every thing about it, no problems at all. The only improvement it 'needs' is a 6 speed transmission. Highway driving gets tiresome at 70-75 mph. Leave ratios 1-5 alone and drop in an overdrive 6th. Drop rpm down about 300 to 500.

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You just can't go wrong...

Acura Boy, 06/20/2002
LS 4dr Sedan
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This is my 2nd Integra (I also owned a '95 2 door LS hatch), and this is simply the best bargain of a vehicle ever. Nothing --- NOTHING --- has ever gone wrong with either of my Integras. While "only" 140 horses, Honda gives you a nice high-revving engine, that even after 4 years remains exhilirating. My only regret is that I didn't spring for a GS-R and get those 30 extra horses, but hey, I had to make a compromise with my wife...

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4 Dr GS Sedan

Remella, 06/20/2002
GS 4dr Sedan
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Really Great Car. I am drove many vehicles but nothing comes close to Acura.

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Awesome city to hwy

Tiana 'tt', 11/18/2015
GS 4dr Sedan
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Freatest Gas Mileage Ever!!!!! A/C is not gas guzzler. Sunroof is perfect on road trips or fresh air and stargazing $20 tank is full! 25city 33hwy Steering and handling very nice and easy Sm size gives agility to freeways and traffic merging, u turns, parking lots and parallel parking. Safe and sturdy in storms and rain. Maintenance and parts easy to order on line at most part stores and Honda compatible . Light v tech engine does not bog down and smooth shifting . Power and torque is solid , more so than 6cl sedans or manual 5 sod. Easier acceleration shifts and on grades, able to pass up American muscle cars and sports cars as trans shift smooth and solid in 3 and 4th gear without losing power on grades, traffic, lanes changes and stop n go traffic. Always a compliment at gas stations or out in public and at mechanic shops and offer ups from all . Very well maintained and experts have same diagnoses, drive train and engine good for at least to 350,000 miles. Plastic and rubber parts did not like desert arid and harsh sun along w extreme element changes . Most newly replaced in last 30,000miles/ 2 yrs 200,900 mile complete overhaul and tune up . Smooth quiet engine and tire noise. The year 1998 is Aluminum V tech w Norwegian and Japanese top technology and ingenuity !!!! Automatic w manual technology and power is a collector 's classic treasure as in 1998 most cars were 2DSD or 4 DSD and basic R series . GSR manual and LS automatic hatchback coupes are the unique rounded and light body styles that outlast outwit outplay all the best and easily show up top in race! My favorite commute game to work? Live GTA 5 . When that bumped up V8 revs and downshifts to show off and yet as the easy shifts w Acura 1998 LS 3dr automatic there is no downshift as you cruise into acceleration while that V8 you quietly pass and gain in 3rd to 4th to 5th and best of all , you have a full tank of gas not lost to down and upshifting and car weight of large fuel tank and large trunk to length or square angled shape or heavy ride interior heavy engine . Interior fans and A/C keep aluminum v tech engine cool as that is key to this car. Heat on interior fans does overwork engine coolant system . This car is perfect for modern seasonal weather that is above freezing temps and below triple digit heat summer heat waves. to hold acceleration in hwy traffic, lane changes, curves, and hills or grades . This car is my friend and family member. Letting go of Esmerelda is difficult to make a better choice for a expert that has skills and talents and able to troubleshoot and think out of the box and gets the Japanese and Norwegian blend and transition from trusted Honda innovation to all Acura innovation. The best of all Acura years and series and models !!!!!! If you have the passion for a lifetime of a great car and ability and knowledge and mechanical skills to restore and reinvent a perfect combo of daily commute, weekend road trips, and Friday and Saturday nights at track winning the prize money that Acura would pay for itself and bring profit and noteriaty and put underground import racing above American fuel guzzling show offs in their place and maybe start a wave of new Norwegian and Japanese ingenuity to save gas oil pollution without having to power w emectruty as well ( electricity more use and demand is not saving the global warming or the economic drain to society from private owned profit monopolies electric co. INTEGRITY is the best key word of Acura LS 1998 3dr automatic ! No tricks, no gimmicks , no strings No fossil footprint left behind No ego European Anerixan Asian crossover of the best of the best and the best 1998 Classic edition of R series hatchback coupe rounded body style 2 dr and auto has ability to match GSR and step up with the winners club!

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1998 Acura-4 years later

professor jim, 06/13/2002
LS 4dr Sedan
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The car is extremely reliable. The only downside is the comfort of the passenger seat; it needs the lumbar support of the driver seat. You'll want to get out and stretch every hour or so on a long ride, particularly if you're 40+

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