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Like me, this little car does not show its age

Cathy H, 10/31/2015
LS 4dr Sedan
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I am the second owner of my 1997 Acura Integra LS. People are shocked to learn it is nearly 20 years old. The mileage is creeping up there (just like me)and I have kept up with all the regular maintenance like timing belt and exhaust replacements when needed just like I would check and maintain my own health issues as I get older and I am in pretty good shape for my age. So is my Integra. I have had noooooooo major problems and none that you wouldn't expect from an older car. Another amazing phenomenon is that it has been just the last year it has just started to rust a little around the wheel wells but I live in the northeast and I expected a whole lot more than what it is. Kind of like my wrinkles. It rides and travels beautifully and the gas mileage on this little girl is unbelievable!! I get about 36 or 37 MPG on the highway. The other thing I like about the Integra is that there are very few blind spots around the car, unlike a lot of newer model cars. The Integra handles really well on snowy roads but not so good on ice (what vehicle does?) It sits low to the ground so if there is a major snowfall you have to tuck yourself in after the first few inches are on the roads until the road crews get out to plow. That hasn't been an inconvenience for me at all. The one "negative" I would have to include is the headlights. High beam on this car is less quality than low beam on most newer cars and the radius of the lighting area is not the best. If you are travelling in an area where there is a risk of large animals wandering onto the road, this could be a concern because you can't see them along side the road very well. This is such an awesome car I would recommend it to anyone who wants a classy vehicle that is economical and lasts a long time, just like some of us classy older models from the 60's. : )

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excellent on gas

adam, 04/30/2006
LS 4dr Sedan
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I drive this car on the highway mostly and get 33mpg. If I drive in the city I get 29mpg. I think Edmunds underrated this cars fuel economy, I consistently get higher miles per gallon and have the automatic transmission. Of course I don't beat up on it so this is probably why. This car is fun to drive, and handles well. I don't have to brake for turns which helps get great gas mileage.

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Love the Integra!

MaryAlice, 06/05/2003
GS 4dr Sedan
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If you are looking for an extremely reliable sedan, look no further than this car. I've owned my car for 4 years & have never had to service it other than normal maintenance & new tires. This car is fun to drive and is fairly quiet on the highway (when the sunroof is closed) Open the sunroof & it's a differant story. Other than that I give this car Highest Ratings!!!

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Acura Integra 4dr LS

Trisha'sToy, 06/27/2002
LS 4dr Sedan
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I actually went from a Ford Probe GT (i know, gag) to this beautiful Acura Integra LS 4dr. So far I have fallen in love with it. The look is sleek, sporty yet sophisticated. I needed something with a little more dependability, and wanted to look good driving it! It's pretty quick for it's 4 cyl engine, my probe had a turbo charged engine and this VTEC engine in my Acura offers right about the same, or more "get up and go" All in all I'm truely satisfied with my purchase and hope to get a few good years in with my new toy =)

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show me a better compact sedan

pbs, 07/25/2003
GS-R 4dr Sedan
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I've owned an integra GSR for 3 years now and have had no mechanical problems at all. With the reliability issue established, i can say this is an exciting performance car. If you're looking for a practical, yet exciting sedan with a 5speed, look no further.

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