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zakwilliams, 12/22/2011
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I have had this car for a little bit now, and love every thing about it! i have heard that they have some problems but mine has held up fine. This car is amazing off road and in the snow. i live near Lake Tahoe and wile other cars and trucks were stuck in last years big snow storm my car just kept trucking along like there was no snow at all! heck iI was even able to pull my friend out of the now when all f the roads where absolutely covered in ice. and let me tell you when his car is not small at all. so if you are looking for a car that can get you there safely in any and i mean ANY type of weather this will be he car for you!

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Dbone, 06/19/2010
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This is an extremely well put together vehicle. The perfect car for those not concerned with badge flashing (bmw, merc, etc)...A very understated luxurious ride...This car is literally an S80 inside...Same car with a cargo area... Can't say enough about how impressed I am with the quality of the ride and fit and finish. Fuel economy could be better but I knew this going in.... Sounds like a vault when closing the doors. Read comments about sloppy handling by some. Not the case with the adaptive suspension. I added 19 inch Volvo Erakir wheels as well so I'm sure this improved handling too... Avoid the base 3.2 engine like the plague. Anemic compared to T6, which is very refined.

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My 5th Volvo Wagon, My Last.

Endicott, 04/07/2010
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I've been a follower of Edmunds for many years, read many reviews, have had several higher end cars. Volvo has changed and I'd love to talk to their CEO and tell him about the fall from grace. The new 6cyl. engine sounds like a vacuum cleaner and is too loud at cruising. Great seating. The transmission jumps when you are at idle. Several trips to the dealer for software upgrades; the Volvo tech also had it jump forward without applying the gas. My wife has an 08, five cyl. and is much quieter. Gas mileage is terrible- only 21 avg. on highway. This is not the Volvo of the past.

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Kenneth Elkington, 05/10/2010
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I have owned MANY different autos... including Mercedes and a couple o' Porsches... but overall, this one really hits a lot of buttons: practicality, safety, styling, comfort, features and yes... performance! Volvo is offering a super incentive with SAFE and SECURE: 5 worry-free years of warranty, scheduled maintenance, roadside assistance and even "wear and tear"... plus either 0% x 72mos or $5k discount (I took the $5k). This is a very well executed design both visually as well as "fit and finish".

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love it

Joe, 11/19/2010
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I also own a 2002 version of the xc70, what a different when I drive this 2010 version. It's so smooth, quiet, a little bit higher off the ground. Good stability on the freeway, must be due to those nice V-rated Continental Contact far so good on this new purchase. -Joe

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