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Environmental Hazard on Wheels

histrclgenius, 07/03/2012
2dr Coupe
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I purchased this used with 106k miles. It was to replace my 1984 corolla. I don't see many improvements in the 8 years. In fact, the 1984 was superior with better suspension and fuel economy. That being said, it is extremely reliable and for the money, is an incredible value. The engine burns more oil than a rebel attack on a Nigerian pipeline - I add one quart every 400 miles. This issue is prevalent according to other owners I spoken with but doesn't seem to affect performance or longevity. So, if you can deal with a fog of blue smoke every morning, riding around with a 5 quart bottle of 10w-40 as your passenger and serial condescending glances, this is the car for you.

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Wow what a value

Nasta, 04/18/2002
2dr Coupe
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I love this car and after ten years I can assure you that it has proven the best investment I made. Great fuel mileage, great driving and the car is so fast in traffic that I rather drive this and let the hubby take the SUV. Any purhases like a set of tires and it sets you back only what others are paying for one tire. Totally awsome, econimical way to go. At 151K and still going They sure know how to build a Toyota.

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ckee, 10/29/2005
DX 4dr Sedan
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This was the very first car that I bought. Never had any major repairs until now (the timing belt broke and something happened with the flywheel). It has great mileage about 38mpg highway. Until it broke down this time it never left me stranded. The back seat is a little small. I love my T- cell and I would recommend it as a starter car because it is a good car. Im just ready for something bigger and more adult. If you are looking for something to buy your teenager for thier first car I strongly recommend this car. If can take a beating. There is very little maintenance, just tires oil and such.

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Old trusty

Andy K., 07/16/2007
DX 4dr Sedan
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I had this vehicle from January 1998 (bought used at 50,000 miles) and ran it into the ground. In February 2006, I had put the odometer over 200,000 miles. Reliability and longevity are hallmarks of Toyota's products, and the Tercel is no exception. In the 8 years I had it, I had to put about $2,000 in repairs over the course of ownership - an amazingly small amount. If you can find one of these today under 100,000 miles, expect to get 100,000 more. Great steering too. An excellent choice for a teen driver's first car.

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Built to last

Toyota Tercel 2dr co, 02/28/2009
2dr Coupe
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I have had this car for almost a week now and have to say that this car, (my third) was by far the best investment choice I made. With $20, I filled up the tank and I'm set for the week. The mpg is by far superb and combined with the manual transmission factor, coming up with gas money is the least of my worries. My T-cel drives surprisingly smooth for a car that has 125,000+ Mi. The interior is no frills but takes me to where I need to go efficiently and with ease. This is my first Toyota and would recommend this car to anyone.

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