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Access cab, AC, Speedctrl etc package..

calletacoma, 07/05/2013
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Our first truck got it through a local car dealer as I traded in my VW 2.0 T Lemon (self disintegrating POS). Our Tacoma is fantastic with it's instant heat / AC. "Only" 159 HP, sure but it's 2.7 L engine produce plenty of torque. Mixed mpg was 21, which is great on a 2010 with 35K miles. Engine compartment looked in mint condition and the rest of the body had a few small dents / scratches. I'm keeping this car and adding a dew upgrades to it..

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My 3rd Toyota truck...

MikelJay, 12/20/2009
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I love my Tacoma. This is my 3rd Toyota truck. The '10 Tacoma carries on the tradition of great build quality and reliability. This is one of the quietest trucks I've owned. The 4 cylinder/auto tranny is very responsive, pulls well and builds speed quickly. The interior is very comfortable and quiet. Although I've had the truck for 2 weeks now, the fuel mileage seems to be getting better as it gets broken in. Averaging 25 combined city/highway miles per gallon, and I expect it will only get better as it gets broken in.

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ricoman, 05/07/2018
V6 4dr Access Cab 4WD 6.1 ft. SB (4.0L 6cyl 5A)
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Owned my 2010 Tacoma 4x4 Off Road since new in Nov. 2009...was a second vehicle,so only had 63K on it when I sold.Its been the best reliable vehicle I've ever owned,and besides changing the oil,only repair I ever had done was the AIR went out on it and I replaced the entire system at a cost of appx. $1400...Truck was never used Off-Road,so the off-road package was overkill for me,and will be buying a 2019 Sport instead of the Off Road.Its also been the best resale value of any vehicle I've sell with all types of car dealers,they really try to screw you,but with this toyota,they were the worst......You buy a Toyota for high resale value,yet they still try and tell you its not worth my case 1/2 what I paid for it...and my truck was MINT....their offer was $14-$15K...HAHAHAHA.....I sold it in 1 day to first buyer for $22,750!!So...bottom line....yes..but the Tacoma...its a great truck....but dont deal with the dealers if your selling one..!!

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Owned many Toyota's but this is my last!

jscott418, 12/27/2010
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I decided to lease my Toyota and had all kinds of trouble with the dealer. It took 4 months to get plates, they messed up paper work and had to redo. They did not notify me of this. So its not been good. So now for the truck, its a DOG plain and simple. The 4 Cylinder engine has 30 less HP then my wife's RAV 4 which has a smaller 4 Cyl? The 4 speed trans is awful and when its in overdrive which happens way too soon I get a vibration because the RPM's are so low and the engine lugs. Who ever mated this engine with the transmission and programed it does not drive it! I have had trouble with a whine from the trans too but have not been to a dealer yet.

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Why so different?

sweetjustice57, 08/30/2013
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I have 2 2010 Tacoma 4x4's one is a 4 door sr5 and the other is an access cab with the trd package. The 4 door is very quiet and is a great truck, My truck with the trd package has so much road noise that I can't use a blue tooth devise. We bought the 4 door first brand new and we bought the trd used with 8,000 miles on it, I can't believe the difference in these to trucks for basically being the same vehicle, I am not happy with the trd truck although it runs good and no issues mechanically, just way to much road noise.

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