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still going

headhunter130, 01/04/2013
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My truck has over 357,000 miles and has been through it.

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Alan, 07/19/2007
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I really enjoy my truck! I have 217,000 miles and will run it for as long as I can. Only major repair was the water pump. Still running original fuel filter, drum brakes, AC, plug wires. It drives like new and does not burn any oil. You cannot beat Toyota quality and this truck proves that.

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Bullet Proof

taco ma, 02/13/2010
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Remember the old advertisement when the Tacoma gets hit by a meteor, then drives out of the crater?? It's a bit of an exaggeration, but not much... I just went over 200,000 miles and it is still going strong. Only problem ever was a starter. Puts all Chevy's or Ford's to shame.

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Helen, 03/25/2007
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We have 220K and still going with no major repairs, just the basics.

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One of the toughest trucks in the world.

Eugene, 08/12/2007
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I wanted an old Toyota truck ever since I went on a missions trip to Haiti a few years ago. The roads were so bad and the people were so poor there, that the only vehicles that survived were the old Toyota trucks. I bought one with 118k miles, and it has about 150k so far. The truck has been reliable, except it ran poorly for a while due to the timing belt slipping a few teeth. I blame the Toyota dealer, because they replaced the timing belt and water pump right after I got the truck. Now, I do all my own maintenance, and I hope to drive it 300k miles before any major overhaul is needed. There is no rust on the body yet. I get about 21 mpg on the highway, and it has a lot of torque.

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Bulletproof Pickup

srsage107, 09/10/2014
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I have owned my 98 Tacoma for nearly a decade now. The truck is running 238k miles and the last California smog it had last year, it passed with flying colors. The mechanic was not surprised in the least that with all of the regular normal maintenance I do, that the Tacoma was still passing smog like it had at 5k miles. In the entire time I have owned my Tacoma, I have only replaced the battery once, the water pump and radiator at 220k miles and the alternator at 200k miles. I use only genuine Toyota parts. This truck has hauled boats, motorcycles, sand, cement, u-hauls and still sparkles like the day it came out of the factory and has not lost any power over the years. Solid truck!

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Tacoma 4X4

blootnik, 04/13/2002
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Overall it is a very reliable vehicle. Except for routine maintenence, it has not had any major problems or repairs. For a V6, it has enough pep, but being a truck, it isn't geared like a sports car either. I sold my Camry when I bought this Tacoma, and have no regrets. Sure, it doesn't ride like the Camry, but then again, I don't expect it to!

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Totally Toyota Family

dagger101, 06/13/2002
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Absolutely perfect in every way! I purchased this with 52K miles on it a year ago. Not a squeak or rattle in it! Could have bought a new bare boned domestic for about the same money but have no regrets! I own this, my daughter has a Celica, my father owns a Tundra, my mother has a RAV 4 and we just bought a 2002 Camry last weekend. Boy does our salesman love us!

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Still going

GJ, 06/15/2010
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I have owned this truck for nearly eleven years. I have had to replace the starter and the catalytic converter. Just replaced the shocks, struts and front brake pads yesterday. The AC is still strong and overall the vehicle runs great. Mainly, I have only had to do the regular maintenance. It has only been back to the dealer once to replace a faulty sensor in the first few months that I owned it. I bought this because of Toyota's reputation and have not been disappointed in any way.

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I Love My Little Truck

Adam, 07/13/2010
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Great truck. I haven't had one problem with the engine. In 4 years i have gotten in a few fender benders and broken windshield, but have not had to touch the engine. I get 23 MPG religiously. I have moved dirt bikes, furniture, and a piano!

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