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This is the best truck ever made. Period.

Ben, 01/04/2017
SR5 2dr Extended Cab 4WD SB
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The T100 isn't fast nor flashy. It won't tow heavy loads. It doesn't have heated seats, climate control, navigation, or blind spot monitoring. Compared to todays trucks it's really quite a dinosaur. So how can I say it's the best truck ever made? Because it is. My 1998 3.4L SR5 4x4 is going on 20 years old. It's logged more than 205,000 miles, and many of those miles were off pavement in the mountains of Montana or on rocky trails in the Mojave Desert. Death Valley too. It's spent most of it's life stored outside in the blazing sun, neglected I'm ashamed to say. Despite all of this, every single bit of the truck still works. It still looks great too, and most importantly it starts every single time you turn the key. Once started, it goes places where most modern trucks wouldn't dare thanks to it's narrow width and ample ground clearance. You can even still chain up the front end should the going get tough. Try that on a new Tundra. They simply don't make trucks like this anymore. I've been asked many times if it's for sale. My answer is always the same, "no it isn't, and it never will be."

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They don't bulid them like this anymore

jfl1963, 12/15/2013
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I've owned my truck for 11 years. I will take this truck to the grave with me. Over the 11 years, the truck has taken great care of me, and I have taken great care of it. Yes, I've replaced a few items that have failed, but the truck is 15 years old. Biggest expense was replacing full exhuast system last month. This truck has a perfect balance of everything: looks, size, reliability, and performance. I haul heavy materials and motorcycles in the bed and the truck never misses a beat. I'd have to spend $40K on a new truck to get what I get from my truck, and I could never justify that. I paid $15K with 50,000 miles on it. 11 years later, I have 127,000. Still going strong.

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1998 T100 4WD

John, 07/21/2005
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There is nothing to love about this truck. IF you can find one it's worth every penny. This truck puts both the new Tundra and Tacoma to shame both in looks and in quality. Only trouble with these trucks is they bring a premium price and are highly sought after. If they are in good shape they are expensive and sell very quickly.

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Great Truck

Chris, 06/11/2008
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The T-100 is an overall great truck. I have no complaints. Never had anything go wrong at all. Oil changes and tire rotations are all you really need to do. Very smooth ride, quiet engine, stylish look. The acceleration off the go could be a little better, which is the case with the 4Runner as well. My only gripe is that the interior is bland, which is the case with most Toyotas. Due to the fact that gas is now $5 per gallon, I'm selling the T-100 to purchase a Camry. I have to say that I am so damn upset about this. The T-100 gets good gas mileage for a truck, but not as good as a commuter car. Gotta do it.

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My supercharged truck

Masloff, 09/03/2006
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The driving on this vehicle is awesome. Quiet, comfortable, reliable, rides like a car.

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Solid Performer is Underrated

km, 03/25/2002
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Critics panned the T100 when it was introduced; too small, they said. It's the perfect size for me. Plenty of power, lots more cabin space than the Tacoma, plenty of cargo space, with Toyota reliability. At 6'2" I find plenty of room inside. It's been very reliable so far. The interior looks dated with the old style controls, and there are too many stalks on the steering column. Lacks niceties like cargo bed lamp, remote fuel hatch release, etc. It's no Tundra but doesn't cost nearly as much either. And it's a big step up from the Tacoma. Friends say the resale on it will be awful, nobody wants them. I say, "Resale? I'm going to drive it until it falls apart."

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Tuff T100

1998 TOY T100, 06/23/2008
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Purchased this vehicle new. Replaced timing chain, water pump, at 100000 as a maintenance measure. This truck was built tough and dependable. If you are looking for a 98 and able to find one, buy it. You won't regret it.

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Most reliable vehicle I've ever owned

Ron G, 08/12/2008
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Bought it used 8 years ago, and I've driven it like I stole it ever since. Currently has 196,000 on the clock and I can list the repairs on one hand: new ignition lock cylinder at 120k, new ignition coil and wires at 190k. Less than $600 in repairs. I get about 21 mpg on my daily commute, running it like a scalded dog. The rep on these is golden. I've had several offers to buy mine from complete strangers. This one has made me a loyal Toyota customer for life, if not longer.

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Best Truck Ever

Dean , 05/28/2002
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I have driven this truck hard, but maintained it all times. I have done all of the work, save for the timing belt, leaving this truck out of the shop from breakdowns for its entire life. I have 105,000 miles on it and and it still runs like brand new, and of course looks brand new. This, so far, has been the best vehicle I have ever owned and still love it, is red. I have put Bosch Platinum +4 spark plugs and K&N air filter and it has given the truck a slight better response and power. I must have gotten a good one, because it can keep up or beat a lot of V8's, I sure it is because of the lighter truck. Griff

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Great Mid-Size Truck

Dastankii, 06/06/2002
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I have 45,000 miles on a 98 ext. cab, auto, a/c.... I tested the back seat on the new Tundra and I, nor any of my family members could not fit in the back. The dealer said perhaps Toyota made a slit error in designing the Tundra back seat. The T100 is a very strong vehicle. Build quality is tops. Very comfortable and the engine will just blow you away with its power. I tow a 16' bass boat ... no problem. I also get 21 MPG on the highway , and 19 around town. It you're looking for a T100, I suggest you get a 97 or 98. These are hard to find because most owners are not interested in getting rid of wheels that require almost no maintenance.

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