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Yea, I loved my 2008 Urban Runner

snowchasr, 08/26/2014
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This was my dream vehicle. It handled well on the highway, was great in winter conditions, and is one of very few SUV's that have any strong styling anymore. Furthermore, with the truck frame, I believe it is one of the safest. I too was involved in a head on accident at 65 Mph and survived well in this truck! When I originally purchased this vehicle in Spring of 2009, I was glad to have the confidence of all the safety features, but never thought I would have to use them in such a severe accident. Glad to have survived, wish my 4Runner did too.

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Love it!

ksdogwalker, 03/12/2014
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I bought this truck used in 2011, with 138k miles. Yes, you read that correctly: 138,000 miles! Everything had just been 100% serviced and it was like buying it brand new. In the 30k miles I have had it (including driving halfway across the country), I have only had 2 issues. 1. I have had the driveshaft (?) lubricated twice due to a "thunk" sound and small lurch when stopping - no charge by the dealer; apparently it is common. 2. This winter, the back hatch has begun to freeze when it's below 30° outside and becomes impossible to open (at least for this gal!). Sort of a pain. Of note: the paint scratches relatively easily, but I haven't noticed any rust issues. Just irritating.

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Bought it with 180k miles, and it rides like new!

Indiana Bruce, 10/28/2016
SR5 4dr SUV (4.0L 6cyl 5A)
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I saw this on a dealers lot with over 180,000 miles on it, and it looked like new. Knowing it was a Toyota, I bought it. Am SOOOO glad I did. I have the 6 cylinder and often pull a 7x14 lightweight cargo trailer with it. It does great. I love so many things about Toyotas. A headlight went out, and it was about $12 and took less than 5 minutes to replace. I just changed the oil tonight, and it's so easy. The filter is easy to get to, and even has a shroud around it to catch any oil that runs off so it doesn't mess up the engine area. Oh, and it's now about 210,000 and doesn't use a DROP of oil and runs like new. The body and paint are still perfect with no signs of rust or corrosion. I expect to easily get 300k or maybe more. Love, love, love it.

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My second 4Runner

a2992, 06/10/2008
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Ever since I sold my '94 4Runner in 2006, I've always had my eye on getting another. My only complaint about the '94 was that there was no V8 at the time, and the V6 was WAY underpowered. So when I was in the market for a new car, I purchased the V8 Limited 4WD, and I'm happy. The new 4Runner is futuristic enough, while still maintaining the DNA of the original generations. The solid construction, "never-die" dependability, and fun driving attitude make it a joy to drive. It's as if I'm back in the '94, but this time, with all the power I've ever wanted with 270 HP, and 300+ ft/lbs of torque. I'm raring to get this thing off road where it belongs.

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Maybe saved my life

rjw2000, 04/19/2014
SR5 4dr SUV 4WD (4.0L 6cyl 5A)
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Update: 4/20 Still its same wonderful self. 175k now. Doesn’t use a drop of oil. 19 mph; 17-18 with trailer. This winter the electric latch on the tailgate quit releasing, and I need to replace a dash lightbulb in the heater control section. Amazing vehicle. Update: 4/19 4Runner now has 162k miles. Steering is still tight. No rust except small spot on driver’s door sill. The only repair was a torn boot on a front CV joint. Mechanic, who is a family friend replaced both front CV shafts for good measure. That’s it at 162 k. Remarkable, amazing vehicle!! In June of 2013, a full-sized crew cab Chevy pickup ran a red light and hit my left front corner. My left rear corner swung around and his his R. R. side. $23,000 body damage to 4runner, and they couldn't open the hood. Front end was bent about 10" to the right. Adjuster said the 4runner probably saved me from serious injury or worse. I came out without a scratch. Update: 4/18- ' Car now has 145k, and has been problem-free since I bought it at 28k. I have replaced one set of tires, brake pads and front rotors, and regular maintenance. That's it. Front end is still tight, and even though it's now 10 years old, it only has one tiny spot of rust, and that's on the driver's door sill, about the size of a dime. An outstanding vehicle! The dealer found me an '08 with only 29k miles- it's virtually identical, but grey not black. It's been a great vehicle. It's been elk hunting in CO, fishing on logging roads in Canada, and through some bad winters in MN. Excellent vehicle. I get 19 mpg unless towing a heavy boat, (16). 24 at 65 on the freeway. Update: 4/16 4Runner now has 90k miles. I have still had zero repairs. Steering and suspension still feel tight. I have one spot of rust on the driver's side door frame. Update:10/17 I just replaced the Sam's Club Michelin tires that had 115k miles, and still had about 3/16" of tread. 4Runner now has 130k miles, and the only repair has been to replace the spark plugs, brakes and front rotors, as well as normal maintenance. It has been as close to a perfect vehicle that I can imagine. Steering and suspension are still tight and sound. All systems are functioning perfectly, although sometimes the side mirrors are slow to respond to controls. Rust spot on door frame hasn't changed. No other body rust. Update: 10/19: Just passed 170k. Still no repairs needed. Front end still feels like new. All A-OK.

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