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A dark-horse winner

Phil, 05/16/2006
7 of 8 people found this review helpful

We chose the L300 over the Mazda6, VW Passat, and Subaru Legacy and we couldn't be happier. It is a sharp looking car that you don't see at every street corner, and the V6 is underrated in its performance--this car goes. It's a blast to drive and has been completely reliable. You really can't beat it for the money--with all the incentives, the car was thousands less as equipped than others in its class, and in my opinion far better looking to boot. Even the mileage is commendable considering the abundant power (we average 24 to 30 mpg).

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Excellent value

Curtis, 01/10/2006
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Very good car for the money. The few folks who gave negative comments about this car must expect BMW or Mercedes performance. You are not paying for a BMW or Mercedes.

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Saturn L300

BBarnett224, 11/06/2004
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This Saturn has the ride of a heaVIER CAR, THE ROAD PREFORMANCE IS EXCELLENT, IT IS COMFORTaBLE TO DRIVE, ALL CONTROLS ARE WITHIN EASY REACH OF THE DRIVER. Quiet inside the passenger compartment. roomy ,large trunk, good gas mileage Lumbar control is out of place for driver located to the right side twist knob operation(should be power controlled)

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Great at nothing

Benny, 10/17/2008
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I owned this car for several years and put over 50K on it. It was reliable, never had a major repair! But that was all the good I can say. The car had no personality. It had average power, average gas mileage, average handling, looks were bland and the car was absolutely no fun to drive. The plastic body made the car sound as if you were doing 110mph wile simply cruising down the highway at 60mph.

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I will always buy a Saturn

MCaz21, 09/06/2005
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This is my second Saturn L series, I had an 2003 L200, but the L200 doesn't compare to the L300 V6. Big difference in fuel economy. I get better gas mileage on the interstate with the V6 than the 4 cyl. I have never had a problem with my Saturn's and will always own one.

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Hoagie, 08/11/2005
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This car is an acceptable midsize vehicle. The 3L engine keeps it moving. Car was quite comfortable on a 200 mile trip. Gas mileage (26 mph on the trip) could probably be better. The black paint shows swirls, and even though the dealership buffed it out, they reappeared.

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Bad Warranty response

What Warranty?, 07/15/2005
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My L300 burns oil at start-up like a bug fogger and after 3 month. the dip stick showed no oil. It took 3.25 quarts to bring in to full on the stick and this was the second trip to the dealer for the same problem. The dealer agrees that it is burning oil badly, but they and Saturn want me to bring it back every 500 miles for an oil consuption test. I asked why the volume was an issue instead of the problem. Saturn requires this test was the answer. A new 2005 L300 bug defogger is what I got and no one will fix the problem.

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Never Again

Never_Again, 05/30/2005
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My L300 has been back to the dealership twice for the same problem and they have done nothing about it. Two weeks ago when I brought it in they assigned me a tracking ID and said if it happens again to give them a call. When the gas tank is full and you come to a stop you can hear and feel all of the gas rushing forward. The car also makes many interior vibration noises.

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I love my Saturn!

Ida D, 07/26/2005
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This is my second Saturn, both in the L series. My son-in-law now owns one and my daughter just bought a Relay. What can I say, we love them! And just as important, if not more so - the sales and service department treat me like a consumer rather than a woman. I got so tired of sales people asking if "my husband" needed to be consulted about the purchase of the automobile, or the service department looking at me funny as I described my concern as a series of sounds. Neither of these things has ever been the case at Saturn, and that alone will at least keep me coming back for this product.

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Best Kept Secret

ivan, 09/28/2005
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At first I regretted my purchase and thought I wanted to hang myself for not getting the 2006 Hyundai Sonata. After 4 days of driving it I realized that this car is great and I no longer feel remorse. It handles well and though it can do better on gas and the comfort for back seat passengers is not all that great I love this car. I love driving it and it was better than Honda or any mid sized sedan Ford have to offer (in my opinion). This car is like one of the best kept secrets. I am very happy with the L300 2005 and hope to have it for at least 8 years!

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