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Saab 9.5 - best car I've ever had (I'm 66)

GeeBee, 10/30/2006
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My wife has driven about 30K miles/yr as a salesperson for 25 years, and NEEDS a comfortable, reliable, safe car. THIS IS IT! Super comfortable seats (sports pkg seats are even better than the std ones), and adjustable (in & out + up/dn) steering wheel fit her perfectly. And, at only 5'-2" she can now reach the gas pedal & still be a safe distance from the steering wheel's air bag. The car has LOTS of other features we didn't expect, like super fast turbo acceleration, the seat air blowers, a GREAT stereo, and rather low, easy access to load from the rear door. And, it's almost as fun to drive as my Mini. Overall, it's simply the best car we've ever had - and we've had a LOT.

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Finally Bought One - No Regrets

highegt, 07/12/2009
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Styling like nothing else - gets looks from all sorts of folks - very fast car, especially when selecting sport mode - easily gets to autobahn speeds and slows back down - handles great - gas mileage is in the 30's driving from LI through NYC to NJ and back each day. As long as I drive normal - very comfortable with great sound system sunroof open has no cabin buffet - wagon design very useful with kids. Regarding vibration complaints in other reviews, this is a 4 cyl putting out 260HP - you want an appliance, buy something else. Great used value!

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Jet Fighter with Cargo, uses Reg Gas!

Paul F , 12/06/2006
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If you're into performance and styling but need a wagon (for family) and conscious of gas price, then the Saab 9-5 Aero SportCombi tops them all. This car is meant to be driven so hang on (esp. Sports mode) - you'll feel the G force! Tremendous acceleration, agility, cargo, brakes and sound (Harman-Kardon). Drinks regular gas & retains performance. Recommend the Aero (Sports) & Safety Pack - best value, everything except GPS. Great reliability. Only con: could use a bit more upgraded interior. Prev car: BMW-5 350i Euro.

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Excellent balance of family and sport

David, 11/14/2006
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Since acquisition, the car has performed perfectly. Driving in city, on highway, and through mountains, and there is no appreciable difference in performance. Plenty of space for three kids in the back, and comfort over long distances for two kids in the front. Cockpit is extremely well balanced on driver side - everything is accessible (though the cruise control is more appropriate to an airliner than a car!). Dual temperature zones have driver and passenger happy. Auto/memory seating and mirror position saves time between driver changes. The car has more acceleration than it should as a wagon, and is an excellent balance between a family and sport vehicle. It's an outstanding value.

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Great car, great value

kevin, 02/06/2006
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I've always had Volvo wagons but decided to try a Saab this time around. Went in to look at the 9-3 when I saw the new 9-5. I was sold from the test drive. It's impressively powerful, more so than my previous V70 T5. The seats are comfortable and there is a lot of space in the wagon area. The back seat is also roomy. But the best part is the price. I paid less than 40 grand for what cost about 45 grand on my Volvo and over 50 on any other luxury make. The 9-5 Sport Combi makes more sense than an SUV if you don't need the all-wheel drive and it is far more stylish.

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