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Great Value

the_squizz, 12/05/2013
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I just want to start by saying I love this car. I bought this car with 94K miles for under $5K. I am very handy with a wrench ( I actually used to be a mechanic ), but this car is absolutely horrid to work on in the driveway. It is simply not made to be serviced outside of a professional shop environment. A great car, just be prepared to spend all day for seemingly simple repair jobs OR actually break down and drop it off at a shop for repairs. Other than that, the car is great. I have spent ~$1500 in a year and a half for repairs thus far. Remember, even tho the L67 is bulletproof, the outside accessories and sensors have a shelf life and will fail eventually. This goes for all cars.

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2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GT

James Mouton, 08/23/2004
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The 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix is a fun car to drive. It has great accelation for a automatic transmission sports sedan. The steering preformance is also very good.

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Great Car

shane255, 07/18/2004
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This car features the 3800 motor which has always been the best ever made. It should be good for a couple hundred thousand miles just like my second car I still drive.The only complaint is the front seats could be padded a little more to increase comfort,otherwise it is one fast machine..,...

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Awesome Car!

pontiacdude, 08/29/2002
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Own a 1998 GTP that has given me 70000 miles of trouble free driving. Great power, great handling, good ride. Lived in Germany and the car easily kept up with any European car on the autobahn except I was limited to about 130mph (pegged the speedometer) It's been the best car I've owned because of the power. Owned 2 other trouble FREE AMERICAN cars before this one also.

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So far so Good

Ray Schiller, 10/03/2010
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I just bought this car for $5k from an individual, and so far, I love it. It runs smooth and powerful even with the 3.1. Handling is very responsive (kind of like the Camaro LT I use to have). Ride is firm and sporty. At 68K mi. it has a few minor imperfections, but hey, Ive been driving a 92 Chevy pickup with a stick for 12.5 years so this car feels like a Vette. I was glad to find out that the engine has a timing chain, no belt. Lots of fun to drive with dead straight tracking. I find myself taking the long way home. The stereo sounds great & the seats are comfortable. Overall, it's a really nice ride for not a lot of money. If you want a great car for $5 to $6k check one out.

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Good ole American car

middleage, 01/28/2010
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I originally bought a 99 gtp that went 154000 miles before a deer got it. Couldn't bare to pay close to 20k for an new econobox, so bought the last of this generation in 2007 for half that. It is a comfortable muscle car. Acceleration and long distance cruising are its forte. Handling is okay but sloppy when really pushed. The transmission does this clunk at times when starting from a stop?? The "leather" is more like vinyl and the rear seats are not adult comfortable over the long haul. The hvac setting doesn't work in the first 2 positions. The brakes fade under repeated hard use. A 5 speed [m]transmission would have made this car much quicker. 15 mpg city 26 mpg hwy. Feels solid but fat.

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A great car for the money!

gpfan4life, 01/30/2003
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The Pontiac Grand Prix GTP is a great car for the money. Peformance, looks, and comfort are great, not to mention the good gas mileage for a performance engine. I would recommend this car for a person that needs something practical yet fun and fast.

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Believe the Hype!!

powrtrippin, 02/11/2003
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Bought this car in Jan 2003.. Test drove the 240hp Accord and the Altima. Both impressive but neither pushed my back against the seat like the GTP. Being quite roomy and packed with options didn't hurt the decision either. The only thing that I was concerned about was the price. Luckily, there was a $3000 rebate and my wife gets the GM discount. That made my choice the easiest thing I've ever done.

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2003 gt limited

jess , 08/22/2003
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I love this car.There is plenty of interior space, the trunk is huge,the bose stereo system shakes the car when loud and is crystal clear,the car has great get up and go. the limited has lots of gadgets including the on board computerand heads up eye-cue. for the price of this car we got the most for our money.

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Fantastic Car!

Motor75, 09/05/2003
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This car -- the 2003 model -- is absolutely fantastic. It rides great, it has ample power and the interior options (mine is fully loaded) is fantastic. This car is great on long road trips and also the quick jont to the store. I have no idea why they redesigned it!

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