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Excellent purchase

cbc1327, 03/11/2013
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I purchased my 2006 Pontiac G6 with less than 400 miles in March, 2006. This car has been my daily driver for the last 7 years. I have put over 197,000 miles on this vehicle. Of course, I have had regular routine work such as brakes and rotors. Have had a wheel bearing replaced. Very pleased with this car. Just wish it was bigger now that I have children.

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Great car

trav8600, 03/17/2011
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Bought my 06 g6 gtp sedan 3 yrs ago with 49,000 miles. I now have 80,000 miles. My breaks needed changed after awhile and I put the best ceramic pads on and cheaper rotors. Had loud squeky brakes til I put acid wheel cleaner on the rotors to get the glaze off. Wheel bearing hub assembly went out around 60k on front passenger was $120 to fix myself wasnt hard. Thats the only thing thats gone wrong. Get your transmission fluid and filter change at 50k and every 30k after. Its only $80. Changed spark plugs today cost $44.88 dealer reccomends changing at 100,000 miles but mine were definitly due at 75,000. Use the oem ac delco plugs "iridium". Replace all parts with acdelco or you will have prob

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A Great Midsize American Car

1st Time GM New Car , 11/19/2006
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Great car for style, handling, and safety; great value for price (GM Smart Buy) and fuel econ.

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Main problem: Passenger side head light

nt1078, 10/20/2012
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I've owned my 2006 G6 sedan for two years. Drove my long commute to and from work each day reliably and comfortably. Main problem with these cars is the passenger side headlight. GM used a sub quality harness which plugs the headlight assembly into the main harness. It overheats and melts (if yours hasn't yet, it will) Best thing to do is bypass the plug wiring in your own spade connectors. Headlight ground went on it too, had to wire my own. Wish there was a recall on this. Sometimes I get a check engine light which is accompanied by hard shifts. It clears up on its own. Drivers door seal leaks water. Other than that, just brakes and normal ware items. Overall car is very reliable.

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G6 GTP Sedan-Great Value

Richard Myles, 02/26/2006
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I had a 2004 Mercedes C320 and even though it was rock solid and handled the road well at high speeds. It was overpriced and a piece of garbage with all sorts of mechanical problems. Total waste of money. I leased an Infinity G 35 Coupe and loved the car. It was fast, beautiful, and fun to drive. The reason why I got rid of it because it was not ingress and egress friendly for babies. G 6 GTP has almost identical performance 0-60 6.2 seconds compared to G35 6.1 seconds. The G 6 GTP Sedan is beautiful inside and out and offers outstanding performance (Faster than the 2004 mustang gt with the 260 horse). I know beacuse I beat them all the time. G6 GTP really changed my views of American cars.

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