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The Little Car that Could

owner, 01/13/2003
Highline 4dr Sedan
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This car has done it all for me. I have driven it from NJ to CA, from CA to AZ, CO, Mexico and back. The mileage and comfort is amazing. And the handling is awesome. I have taken it offroad in the desert. The fold down seats allow me to haul 8ft boards of lumber home without a problem. Some jerks at the lumberyard dind't want to beleive that it would fit. What would be the point of their SUVs in that case? I caught someone trying to break into my car by throwing a large rock at the glass. It bounced off with a small scratch! I not had to do more than routine maintanence. (Oil, Filter, Tire Rotation, etc.)

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Its CHEAP for a reason.

uncle_shaun, 04/17/2006
4dr Sedan
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I purchased my '97 Neon with 78k mi on it. It ran fine at first, but slowly started to get a plethora of little problems (brakes, rattling, CV boot, etc), until last week the timing belt broke, causing the engine to commit suicide on the freeway. Black smoke shot out from under the hood, the passengers were screaming, and I plowed into the shoulder, and that was the end of the Hated Neon. My advice, you would be better off spending a little extra and getting a Honda. Personally, I'm glad my Neon is dead; good riddance to bad rubbish.

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Think Twice before buying a 1997 model!

pittman87, 07/15/2002
Expresso 4dr Sedan
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We bought this car used in Jan. 1999 with only 17,000 miles on it. Thankfully it still had two years of a manufacturers warranty left on it because it has been nothing but a mechanical nightmare for us. We have had constant fuel system problems with the car, having to take it in at least twice a year for something. We had to have the head gasket replaced and was told by a service tech that this is a common thing for a 1997 neon to have done. When it isn't in the shop it is a good little car at a great price, but the problems we have had would make me think very hard before every looking at another one.

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Fun and Comfort for a small auto

Mit, 09/24/2002
Expresso 4dr Sedan
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I have had this Neon since 1998. Brought it with 10,000 miles on it. This car has been put to the test and has held up. Of course Head Gasket went at 52,000 miles. So I replaced the timming belt at same time. Has had couple of other small problems but with 88,000 hard miles this car has held up. If you can find a auto with no repairs needed you are just lucky. All will need repairs. As for my Neon 88,000 miles and I am looking for another for my teenage children to have. Used Neons are cheap and a very good auto for the money.

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Poor Choice

Beka, 12/18/2003
4dr Sedan
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Be careful with this car. It looks like fun to begin with, but we had nothing but problems since day one. It may have just been our car, and the way the previous owners cared for the car, but we found that owning the car cost us more than buying a new one. Again, if you chose this car, buyer beware!

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