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Expensive to keep.

BW, 02/27/2003
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Nice car when it is running. I have replaced air shock and air pump, head gasket, air conditioning, and brake booster.

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Headache to own

northdave, 04/17/2003
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1992 Lincoln Continental purchased used october 1992. Engine went bad day after purchase(63000 miles). New used engine replaced by seller had 47000 miles on it 12/12 warrenty. Transmission went bad 2 months after purchase. Rebuilt and on the way home engine started knocking it now has burnt valve. If you purchase a lincoln from this year have deep pockets.

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vahala, 06/29/2004
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This car has been a lemon from the day I purchased it! New airconditioner, new heads, new air shocks, new hood shocks, and the list goes on and on! I would never buy another Lincoln!

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Money Pit

tryanother, 08/12/2003
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Anything that could go wrong did go wrong. From transmission to suspension. Three alternators, two starters, A/C system, all four door locks, window switches, cassette player. If you want to throw away money then this car is for you.

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It is all about the air.

computerboy, 07/26/2002
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This is a good car for the price.

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Nice Car, Too Bad It Was Built Poorly

MAP, 08/21/2002
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Always thought that a luxury car should at least be competitive in reliability, but I've never owned a more problematic car

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Smooth ride, but costly repair

NHTDN, 01/11/2003
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Replaced all 4 air suspensions, the cluster, radio cassette, AC control, all gaskets... Once, all transmission fluid leaked out while driving! Sorry, I am telling the truth. It still runs well (with my free labor and time; I cannot charge my wife!) and I still keep it. I also had a 96 Lincoln Mark VIII bought at 79120 miles, transmission broken down at 79185 miles, the dealer said, "once you drove it out of out lot...", had to replace another one ($2700), hundred of things happened before trading it back at 91 K miles. I would sin if I sold it to another victim of it.

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Imports-Mechanic, 01/23/2003
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As a imports mechanic, i get used to fixing or driving lexues, acuras, and etc. i recently brought this car because of the price. $1,100 because the front strut where missing and the owner could not afford to fix it. So after fixing the struts costing me about $800 total. after driving the car for 100 miles, the coolant started to leak like crazy. The oil is starting to leak, and the switch for the windsheild washer fluid shorted. i am not planing to keep this car, any longer. it cost more to maintain then the price of the car. Besides all the stuff above, this car gives you a great ride for a long trip, or just a ride in the city. it has great insullation.

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Awesome Car

teasleymd, 04/14/2003
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Despite some expensive repairs to the gas/air suspension and the head gasket, aside from these reliability problems, this car is flawless. Although no sport sedan, it handles quickly and responsively. Steering is a bit numb, but the ride is astonishing - riding, literally and figuratively, on air. And despite first opinions based on the ride comfort, it still has plenty of grip to go around when needed. And it's comfortable, large interior includes automatic just about everything to make your drive that much easier. Bravo!

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lincoln review

djranch, 01/08/2003
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vehicle has been a excellent machine

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