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The Best Car I ever owned

Cyrus, 11/11/2006
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This car is amazing. It drives smooth, powerful and a kick under the hood if you need to get going. I was able to move up in the pecking order by getting the longer wheel base. I am glad I did. My kids tell me the back seats are more comfortable than the front. Unfortunately for them it may be some time before their dad drives them again. They kept playing with the rear sunshade, adjusting the seats, turning on the seat heaters on each other. I finally just turned up the awesome sound system to drown out the fighting in the back. I'm a little over 6'6". I can fit comfortably behind the fully extended drivers seat. I have spent the last 2 days uploading CDs into the hard drive in the stereo.

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take it from someone who owns a shop!

Shop Owner, 08/03/2018
L 4dr Sedan (4.6L 8cyl 8A)
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Let me first say that ALL cars will break down.... I own a shop that specializes in European cars. BMW,MERCEDES,JAGUAR,LAND ROVER,AND VW makes. I will say that the Germans sell the driving experience and handling, and they have mastered that. I have always told my clients to subscribe to consumer reports and you will see whos making junk and who making a great product. The Lexus has always been a well built car ,and known for its smoothness and reliability. I have owned S- TYPE R, XJR, Vanden Plas Jaguars, AMG Mercedes, 7 series (2 of them), and many other luxury cars. BMW has major module failures, horrible leaking issues, turbo failure,vanos solenoid failure,expansion tank failure, rear seal failure,coil failure,steering angle sensor failure,DSC MODULE failure,battery cable failure,injector failure, fuel pump failure,and I can write a book on these horribly designed cars. Merc has ISM failure, leaves you stranded and you cant even go onto gear,steering lock failure,command center failure,expansion tank failure,coil,gasket ,sbc,esp,ME failure .VW has turbo issues, injector issues, carbon build up in ports,water pump leaks,main seal leaks,injector failure.Jaguar has timing issues,head gasket issues,cooling system issues, due to plastic piping, gear selector failure ,you cant put car into gear because the rising dial fails and your stranded,ac vent motors fail and you cant feel your air... Let me tell you that the Lexus may not perform as well as the German rivals ,but I promise you that the German cars will stay in the shop more than the mechanic does, and lose value about 20-23k each year. Even the new Jaguars are garbage, the new 5.0 engine have major issues, I see so many new bimmers, and jaguar owners regretting there purchase within 1 year...My neighbor has a LS WITH 412K MILES,No see if anyone you know with a bimmer,jaguar,vw,or merc has a daily driver with OVER 400K miles and doesnt even leak oil! Do yourself a favor and get the Lexus ,you wont ever buy anything from Germany again!And I approve this message!

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A bargain, if twice the price

mitchellrowe, 12/21/2006
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Front interior room seems wider and higher. Vehicle is faster and more responsive than the LS 430. Leather work is craftsman style as in the SC 430. Enjoying the satellite radio. Strong climate control. No wind noise. The engine is now audible at idle. 8 forward gears. Came with Bridgestones not Dunlops: runs straight down the road - no wandering drift. Stronger brakes than the LS 430 . Easier steering. Larger view from backup camera . This car is a 10. Nothing negative!

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Silver LS 460

Robert, 11/18/2006
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I took delivery on Oct 27 after 8 months waiting. It has been worth it -- far superior in all ways except smoothness of ride to my 2000 LS 400. Comfort and ergonomics are great. The DVD navigation system is an improvement over my wife's SC 430 and the voice recognition works perfectly. The brake hold feature is a wonderful touch; I use it all the time. Comfort of the seats is great and the back seats are simply exceptional. I am always surprised at the comparisons with big MB's/BMW's where the LS is denigrated for its handling. I don't buy a 4200 pound car for handling. I am interested in comfort, quiet, seamless power, good brakes, intuitive controls and DEPENDABILITY. The LS excels !

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Best car I have ever owned!

talktomatt, 12/25/2006
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This is my 6th Lexus automobile and BY FAR the nicest and best riding I have ever had! I own 4 cars including a Mercedes, but this car has them all beat by a mile or two! It is very quiet and smooth with lots of power and I love all the little goodies it has such as showing me the tire pressures, even for the spare, by pushing a button! The GPS is MUCH improved and the ride is just wonderful!

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