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buy a yukon!!

tragedy, 09/20/2011
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i bought this truck its a 99 yukon 4 yrs ago it currently has 139,500 miles. ive replaced all brakes,water pump,radiator,battery brakes i did just so i could feel secure,others i believe had something to do with the weather where i was living and coolant not being fresh it was 7 degrees when my radiator cracked lol.. ive not had any issues with the truck never stranded ive posted it 3 times to sell it and 3 times i blew off the buyers lol i got cold feet i love my truck and cant see myself selling it for no reason other then bad gas mileage but i bought a shadow bike to make up for my gas mileage so ill keep it now really reliable truck i recommend it to any1

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99 GMC Yukon SLE

Darcy1, 06/27/2003
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I enjoy the pick up that this vehicle has. The smooth ride and comfortable interior.

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Great Truck

Steve1, 06/14/2003
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This is the best vehicle I have ever owned, and I'll probably put 200,000 miles on it before I'm done. My only complaint is a common one, the brakes are not suitable for a vehicle of this weight (A problem corrected in the 2000 model). If you don't drive like a maniac you'll have no problems stopping, but the front brakes will wear out quickly no matter what you driving habits are. Also, if you set your cruise control to 65, you can get 18-19 MPG on the highway. That's pretty good for a 5000 pound truck.

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1999 GMC Yukon SLT 4WD

Charlie, 09/04/2009
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I bought my Yukon New and have owned it for 10 years now with 165,000 Miles. It was purchased for the four wheel drive. The drive train has performed flawless. Early repairs were leaky heater hose eng. block nipple; Exhaust gaskets RR; tightened the oil filter/cooler engine mounting. The original brakes are undersized and I replaced the front rotors with cryogenic cooled/hardened “Praise” units at 20k along with their stage III pads, rear brakes just the “Praise” shoes. These rotors lasted 120,000 miles. One problem engine not starting after a foggy nite or sitting awhile...The security light is on. OK after setting awhile. Overall the vehicle is stable with lower than Honda maint. costs.

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B C T, 10/03/2006
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This truck is far greater than any Ford ever built. It is the perfect combo of a heavy duty truck and a luxury vehicle. Anyone who doesn't like the gas mileage think about this, you are pushing about 6000 lbs down the road. It is still a truck and for that the mileage is actualy not that bad, depending how you drive it. The Denali is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven, car or truck.

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Mr. Denali

cbg1688, 06/28/2004
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Overall very satisfied with the vehicle. Received plenty of great compliments on looks and comfort. The only problems were coolant system related which ended up costing me a grand total of $500 over four years...not bad! I have heard of brake problems from others with the same vehicle which seem to be very common on the 2000's NOT the 99's for whatever reason. Great room for beach trips, moving, friends and/or weekend getaways. Thanks GMC for the great memories. -Chris Gorham

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Great SUV

Great SUV, 04/02/2005
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I have owned this vehicle 6 years and have had no major problems. Replaced front brake pads twice and rear drums once in 125,000 miles. Most of these miles were cross country highway miles in both snow and heat. All my friends have been impressed with the quality of this vehicle.

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The Webmeister, 10/27/2003
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This car is a piece of crap. Starter, head gaskets, air conditioning, sloppy steering, squeeky interior, door handles break off, damn near blows over when meeting a truck, vapor locks when hot, rear air doesn't work, leather falling apart.

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duck mallard, 03/11/2002
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This truck is a great big tub of goo. The only reason to have one is for towing. For that, it is much better than the Expedition, as the steering and ride is far superior. "Hey - where did all my gas go?"

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Engine Problems

CMAC, 08/26/2010
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One of the other reviews says that there is a misfire in the 5th cylinder. Mine misfires from the 6th cylinder and shakes like crazy when put under a load. There is a TSB from GM about the problem. It is a defect from the factory. What happens is the sleeve on the valve stems deforms from the heat and begins to bind. Instead of a recall, GM chooses to ignore the fact that these engines are defective. I called GM to see if they would repair the defect and they declined. Last one I will buy. Had to replace the transmission, fuel pump, radiator and the engine is screwed up. Plus the door handles are falling apart and most of the power door locks stopped working. Lemon

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