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Nothing Like It

lastbird97, 01/16/2010
LX 2dr Coupe
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Bought it off the lot fully loaded in 1997 on a whim and still loving it 13 years later. The V8, Traction assist, 16' wheels, antilock brakes and suspension make all the difference on this model. Detailing, Regular maintenance and keeping up with service bulletins has kept it in near showroom condition. The leather Interior, Sunroof, CD Player and temperature control system makes it as comfortable as my Limited Grand Cherokee. The styling still feels contemporary and the spoiler on the rear deck adds a nice touch to the cars shape.

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God I Miss This Car

Dr. Brett Schmitz, 06/13/2008
LX 2dr Coupe
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I purchased this car in 2000 before I went off to college. It had 107,000 miles on it when I purchased it. Drove it back and forth 90 miles each way for 5 years of college. Awesome fuel mileage (just a tick under 30mpg) the entire time I owned it. Handled excellent and in the 6 years and 60,000 miles that I owned it I had to replace a mass airflow sensor, tires, and a ball joint. This car was phoenomenally reliable and fun to drive! My only gripe with the car the entire time I owned it was that the driverside window never like to roll up properly and eventually came out of the track. I wish I still owned this car but I unfortunately sold it to my neice and she crashed it 3 days later:

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200,000 and Still going Strong

Barbara, 07/07/2010
LX 2dr Coupe
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I bought this car brand new in 1997 and just passed the 200,000 mile mark. The car starts every time, even if it sits for a month at a time without starting. The engine is fantastic and except for usual maintenance, the engine & transmission are in perfect condition. You can't beat an American made 8 cylinder. I have never owned anything but fords - 4 mustangs, 1 Thunderbird, 1 focus, 1 escape and next on to the fusion. Just wish it was 2 door.

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LX 2dr Coupe
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this is my 3rd T-Bird, 93,96 now a 97, i have literally taking this car around the country and back. i keep up with the oil, tires, sparkplugs, suspension, oil again b.c that's the best thing you can do, i just recently changed my manifold, break booster, starter, belts, bearings in the differential. i want this car to last another 5 years, currently i am at 140k mi, as long as you stay up on the maintenance @ ALL TIMES, you will be good to go, hiway gas mi is great, city mi is terrible, not to mention a lot of the work can be done urself if you have the time and tools, this car is great for a young whipper snapper looking for there 1st car, my nex project is to maybe paint it,

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Great car when givin' TLC

Simon Black, 03/14/2016
LX 2dr Coupe
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This is a car Iv'e had for 7 years now. Only 118,000 miles, and has plenty of life left. Only odd issue I had was a transmisson failure. But besides that I can work on almost anything on this car. Can't afford a new one now, but will be hoping to get a couple of more years of life out of it before I can get something newer. The Japanese models don't do it for me. The seats are far more comfy than the foreign models. Would like a Charger, or maybe a Crown Vic next.

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