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Great Car

jmjrpid7581, 04/14/2014
GL 4dr Sedan
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Bought this car bank in 1997 had about 30,000 miles on it. Done the regular maintenance on the car even transmission oil change. The car still runs to this day. The car has 220,224 miles on it. Still the same transmission and engine never had trouble with. You do have to change the radiator out before the plastic tanks on the side of aluminum core explodes out. Have put in a new radiator and car still keeps on going. The alternator got it tested it was ok but I still replaced it. Also replaced the ac compressor and power steering pump due to the car getting high mileage and wear. Also have changed the front suspension and rear suspension . When you change suspension parts, Always get a 4 wheel alignment. Need to get this done soon to. To me this is regular maintenance. It is recommended to change the water pump out at about 100,000 miles. Have done this. Need to do it gain here directly. Have done 2 exhaust systems so far. Changed the engine oil regular, average 3,000. Transmission oil change regular, average 10,000 miles. Well at the current time vehicle has over 250,000 miles on. Had to replace fuel pump and fuel tank. Still some problems still consist. adventully like to get it going.

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Running strong for over 13 years

gemmerich, 06/12/2013
SE 4dr Sedan
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I got my Taurus from my parents back in 2003 when I got my license in high school. Before that, it was my older sister's when she was in high school, and before that it was the eldest's when she was in high school. That's right, by the time I got it, it had been in my family for five years already. I drove her all through college, back and forth from Santa Barbara to Sacramento. This is truly a miracle car, I am now graduated from law school and STILL DRIVING HER! I have abandoned all hope that she will ever die--I wanted her to not pass smog this year so I could turn it in for a program where I would get $1500. Low and behold, SHE PASSED. This is the most amazing car!

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1995 Ford Taurus GL 6 cy 3.8 ltr engine

Donna Richmond, 09/05/2008
GL 4dr Sedan
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This car is the best car we have ever had! The transmission just recently won't shift out of gear and will only go 25 miles per hour, with over 480,000 miles on it! We had the first transmission replaced at 40,000 miles under warranty and has rode fine ever since. It has had regular maintenence plus, a radiator, water and fuel pump, along with a couple of electric starters since we first got it as a program car with 8,000 miles on it. It is great driving across the country as well as around town. It hugs the curves of a windy road wonderfully, is smooth on a gravel road, and great in rain or snow. It is an extremely reliable car.

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Ford TaurusGL 1995

Calvin P Bear, 08/23/2010
GL 4dr Sedan
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I've got 225,000 miles, and the car still runs smoothly, getting 27 mpg highway, which is mostly what I do. Over the years I've replaced most of what was attached to the engine: radiator, alternator, power steering pump, recharged AC. The worst was the paint job which flaked off in several places 5 years ago. Fortunately I can paint cars, and it's as shiny as a new car now. It's paid for, looks good, runs quietly and economically. I'm going to drive it until it falls apart.

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A strong, reliable car

NL, 09/09/2003
GL 4dr Sedan
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Pros: Great in snow, reliable, comfortable, fast for its power rating, excellent ride & handling for base model, good looks, big trunk, solid, antilock brakes, 4-wheel disk brakes(one of the best features), fuel-door lock. Cons: Not enough power, gas mileage could be better(20city/23highway), a few rattles, cheap interior materials (dash, doors).

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