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2002 Ford Focus ZX5

CarMan, 04/10/2010
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I have owned several cars in my life and drive more than the average. My Focus had its first repair at 112,000 miles needing a sensor replaced. Other than tires, and brakes, and oil changes this car has been an amazing one and I would not hesitate to buy another. Gas mileage is also incredible, tires are inexpensive, and the seats are more comfortable than in my Jag.

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one of the best cars i've owned

ford_351, 08/09/2012
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When I was 16 my parents gave me a 2002 Focus Wagon SE they had since brand new at 154k miles. Me being dumb at the time and still in Highschool, I beat the living hell out of it on the back roads like nobody would believe and it just kept going and going. Timing belt finally went and then the motor was toast. That's the only major problem with these cars if you have the 2.0 DOHC engine, you HAVE to replace the timing belt every 70k miles. 4 1/2 years later I'm a mechanic and happend to come across another 02 Focus again for a price I couldn't pass up. With 192k miles this car runs / drives so smooth and quiet I couldn't believe it. Just replaced the timing belt today for peace of mind.

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Great car so far!

truckguy37, 04/27/2014
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Bought this 2002 Focus ZX3 5spd last summer with 201,000 on it...for $700 drove it home! Knew it needed a couple things...didn't realize it needed more....Took the cover off the timing belt for inspection (Zetec motor) looked like the timing belt had never been replaced after 201,000 miles...the cracks were on the outside of the belt ready to snap! Had my mechanic look at it and it was very solid car no rust at all..and the seller never told me it had all new brake and fuel lines!! After spending $1,500 to get most of it done, it seems to be pretty good so far. I take it long and very short drives and doesn't leave me stranded. Getting 37 mpg is pretty good too!

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Love thiscar

franker01, 05/23/2015
SE 4dr Wagon (2.0L 4cyl 4A)
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Bought it several years ago with about 100K on it. Now pushing 200K. It did break a timing belt which cost me some but that was because the previous owner never had it replaced which I didn't know. Doesn't hold freon but neither does my wife's 5 year old Sienna so that is about 50 bucks a year to recharge. It is a very serviceable car that gets me places and is OK to drive. Looking into buying a newer model.

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6 Year owner and active forum member

nosstang, 12/24/2012
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This was my first car at 16 and I still own it today. As you can imagine a 16 year old with a modified SVT focus tends to think he is Ken Block... So my focus has had alot of abuse and I feel my review has some merit for a daily driven and hooned focus The car has never left me stranded but requires some timely maintenance. Common repairs for this car other then wear and tear. Thermostat housing, The car would IDLE at 2k when first started. Had ford re flash the ECU with a updated control map and fixed the problem (common and known problem) My odd issues. Ignition Coil would cut off #4 cylinder. Thus replaced with aftermarket MSD. Wheel Bearing, cracked control arm. Engine mounts wear

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