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Is it time to trade in?

Annabella Rosellini, 03/11/2010
Eddie Bauer 2dr Extended Cab 4WD LB
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Bought new in 1996, w/ 5.8L V8. Now has 190,000 miles. Ran relatively well. Replaced rear differential due to gear oil leak. Replaced also: AC compressor (imploded, costing $1400),radiator (leaked), water pump, alternator, cruise control pressure switch, all hoses and belt, master cylinder and brake booster, battery (twice),CD/radio (twice). Truck had a bad oil leak since 60,000 miles. ABS warning light last year resulted in inability to shift from Park to Drive; and now has the same trouble and I can't drive it -- probably needs to replace the ABS module(cost over $1000 the 1st time). Got stuck one winter in Donner Pass due to a broken special lug nut key -- Tow man raped my wallet.

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Satisfied First Time Ford Owner

birddog, 11/25/2004
XLT 2dr Extended Cab 4WD SB
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I bought this vehicle new from dealership. Moved around the country several times with the military, pulling a fully loaded U-Haul trailer each time (maxed out the GVWR for this vehicle). I was surprised by the towing performance since the engine is only 220 HP (5.8L). I never had a complaint with acceleration or stopping performance, even at max GVWR. When not towing, it has OK pickup (it's a truck), and corners about as well as a truck can. Ride is smooth compared to other 4WD trucks, but off-road (I live in the mountains so do a LOT of off-road), the truck is superb. Not a hint of mushiness in the suspension. Not sure how that is (usually you get one or the other, not both).

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Ford F-150 XLT- 5.8L 351W

jayjc08, 11/04/2012
XLT 2dr Extended Cab 4WD Stepside SB
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The F-150 is a tough vehicle with so much cost cutting that it is difficult to see to those roots. The 5.8L is excellent- smooth, quiet, powerful. The 4 speed auto needs an extra gear desperately but aside from a rough 1-2 shift is smooth and reliable. Brakes are shameful- no feel, squishy and hardly effective. Ergonomics are terrible- unless you are 7 feet tall you will need a broom handle to operate radio and HVAC controls. Good sound system. Quality is poor- panels do not line up, screws often fall out, fit and finish is poor. Drives on the road like an overweight tank should- tries to plow the pavement into submission, resulting in a harsh ride. Fuel economy is around 12 miles per gallon

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AJ, 11/30/2008
XLT 2dr Extended Cab 4WD SB
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Truck is solid. I bought this truck as a toy and put long travel with coilovers and have beat the heck out of it. Now it is used to tow my trailer and has never left me stranded. This is the best truck I have ever owned and have no negative comments. The only time this truck has been in the shop is to diagnose the check engine light which ended up being the faulty JET performance chip, do not buy one.

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96 F-150 XL 4x4

rainbowracer93, 12/12/2011
XL 2dr Extended Cab 4WD Stepside SB
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Was my first vehicle, passed down from my dad. Had the bullet-proof 300 inline 6, which made very little power, but never left me stranded. Only maintenance I ever had to do was tires, brakes, an oil, the thing was built like a tank. MPG's in the low teens, which is bad considering its lack of power and a V8. 4x4 worked well, although it became a chore to get into low range. Overall a good ole' boy solid truck, would buy one again if ever ever in the market for a pickup.

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