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Great little wagon.

Ron Gaylord, 07/17/2002
LX 4dr Wagon
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I brought this 1996 Escort wagon new in 1996. I currently have 114,000 miles on it and have had zero problems. It get's great mileage and I can carry just about anything with it. I also pull a trailer with a motorcycle on it and the Escort does fine as long as you don't have to use the air. I don't know how good the new Ford Focus is but I think Ford made a mistake when the got rid of the Escort wagon. My wagon has a standart shift and will keep up with any situation I've found myself in.

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Skeptical at first, but VERY happy

escort owner, 12/05/2003
LX 4dr Wagon
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I bought this car, intending only to keep it for a few months. Well its 2.5 years later and i'm still driving it. I have over 160,000 miles on it and it still runs great. Only things i've replaced have been tires and the serpentine belt, regular oil changes and 1 tune up. This is a great college car, its cheap to buy, run, and maintain. The 5-speed has a lot of pickup after 1st gear, so its a nice ride. Good in the winter and rain, no complaints, i would recomend this car to anyone who doesn't mind driving an escort.

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Great econo-box

missouri_escort, 02/14/2006
LX 4dr Wagon
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I purchased the car new on April Fool's day of 1996. It has been great with no major problems. I replaced the speedometer at 84,000 miles, a weak point with all Fords of this era; miles and timing belt, it will happen to all of them, at 100000+ miles. I replaced the ignition pack at 110,000. It will do 30+MPG on trips and 26 MPH town and country. With 113,000+ miles it still runs like new on original tune and spark plugs.

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This is my 2nd Escort

Ford Escort Wagon, 04/01/2007
LX 4dr Wagon
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This is my second Escort, loved my first one, very reliable, both the drive tyrain and chasis was bulit by Mazda. Ford built the body. I had a 4 door 1.9 now a wagon 1.9 i seem to have lost a bit of power. The wagon only has 50kgs of more weight, but lacks of power accelerating. I would love a 5 speed but very rare. This car is very pratical and reliable. I love my Escorts. My 1991 had 250,000k's on it and was still going strong. That's why I bought an another one. My opinion? Buy an Escort, good and reliable cars.

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Owned it for a while

jhmIII, 06/20/2002
LX 4dr Wagon
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Only owned this car for a while before I gave it to my mother,and it was a prety okay car.

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