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Love my Dakota!

sixatbat, 06/13/2012
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I love this truck. I have the 4.7 V-8 with 110k on it and it keeps up with the big trucks with no problem. It handles better than all other trucks I have driven. It's very roomy and I was surprised with the amount of room it has in the back seat with the quad cab! 4x4 is great, I've already pulled out a jeep and an s-10 out of the mud. My only complaint is the fuel milage. I get about 14.5 mpg combined city and highway. It's better than most full size trucks though. If you want a truck that has the compactness of a mid size truck, but the power and capability of a full size truck, get the Dodge Dakota.

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Still Goin Strong

marki, 07/27/2008
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Have now had my 2004 Dakota Quad Cab 4x4, V8 for nearly 4 years. Still loving it. It's fun, reliable, comfortable, handy to haul stuff, plenty of power etc. I don't know why others complain about the fuel - I consistently get over 20mpg on the highway. Usually 22 mpg. My 2002 Dakota w/ the V6 did the same but it was dangerously gutless! I do yearly maintenance & have had no problems. (My 2002 Dakota V6 had several recalls & other issues!) I love this truck & will not get rid of him for a long, long time!

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My used Dakato 2007 v8

mac, 07/26/2010
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I bought this truck used and it had probably bee en in a rear end wreck but it didn't impact the car so i didn't care, it has a v8 4.7 and its so far been an awesome truck, i didst expect much but right now for how cheap it was its been a total bargain and its gone tons of power and looks great. The gas mileage is criminal but i use it to haul toys rarely and sometimes to and from work 5 miles so for me its ok, the v8 power doing 80 up hill towing passing the Nissans and toyatas going 45 is awesome.

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i luv the dakota

bravada75, 11/26/2009
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I have a 04 dakota quad cab 4wd i bought it with 50000 miles now i am at 80000 and it starts like new drives like new it is great i put a boss sport duty 7ft plow and the v-8 has no prob hanging with the big trucks i have a easier time in tight spots and i would recomend this truck because as a mid size truck it is a work horse better then the chevy and ford smal truck all together i love my dakota

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gas mileage stinks!

thurmondhr, 07/22/2004
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Love the truck except for the gas mileage. I average 11 mpg in town, and 15mpg on the road. This is with the 4.7 v8 and automatic trans. I really like the way the rear doors open to almost 90 degrees, makes access very easy. The truck drives and rides very well and is easily parked, even for my wife who is only 5 ft. 3 in. All in all, a great truck except for the gas mileage.

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