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Transmission Problems

Carol P, 04/14/2010
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Love my van accept for clunking in transmission when I slow down to around 25 to 20 MPH, it jerks and clunks. Taken to dealer twice, they of course can find nothing wrong. I accelerated the van last week (passing a car) the van started jerking and losing power, when I slowed up the jerking stopped and, when I accelerated, the I got the same jerking, again dealer could find nothing wrong. They rebooted the transmission on their computer which did nothing. Very disappointed that a new car clunks and jerks and the sad thing is that I can't get it fixed. If it isn't doing it when I bring it in, they can't help me. I have to live with annoying problems everyday on a new Car!

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Don't buy the Town and Country

, 05/23/2012
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We purchased a 2009 Town and Country LX with extended warranty and a few months after we got it, the transmission didn't want to downshift. It cleared up a few days later. Recently we went across country with our van and the transmission acted up! Took it to Chrysler and they gave us a brand new 2012 version for a rental. Bad mistake. Had problems with that too. Engine light came on and the red lighting bolt light too while driving on the highway. It went away a week later. Stayed on for a few days and it went away again! After picking up our van from Chrysler, the transmission went out while we were on the highway! Dealer told me they changed the soloenid pack, so what now?

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Very nice family mover!

rscott68, 05/18/2013
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We bought our 09 T&C used about 1 year ago. It had 43k miles then and has about 58k now. During that time we've been pleased with the vehicle. It's comfortable, quiet, and gets mileage you would expect for a fairly heavy minivan. We're getting about 23 mpg highway, 19 mpg town. We traded on 05 base T&C that we'd owned for about 6 yrs. It had nearly 170,000 miles and could have gone further with it but thought it was time to move on.

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A flashy car sure to fly off the lot, but...

Forrest, 01/08/2017
Touring 4dr Minivan (3.8L 6cyl 6A)
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They probably had you at navigation and bluetooth. Plus those stow and go seats seemed nifty. Your kids were probably captivated by the dual screen dvd player, neon mood lights, and the second row heated seats. Not to mention the ability to hook up a game system in the back seat, but all of the luster of the technology starts to wear off with use. The acceleration is disgusting while interior cabin noise can't be overlooked (especially in the back). Eventually you get a recall notice in the mail for something that shouldn't have been messed up. Then more and more. The dealership is now uninterested in your cars problems, after all they made the sale, right? Now you're stuck with a death trap that has sliding doors that sound like chainsaws when they latch and cheap plastic trim that seems to become more and more generic looking. After 114,000 miles your van won't shift out of 3rd gear because the transmission failed. A transmission on a 7 year old car that was regularly serviced and cared for. The dealership wants $6,000 which is how much the car is worth at this point because it's depreciation is so severe. This is what we went through. It now sits in a junkyard. A seven year old van that's in perfect structural condition along with the interior. The van may look cool, but Chrysler isn't concerned about the wellbeing of your family. The crash tests look startling and the unreliableness could leave your family on the side of the road. Don't be captivated by cool features for an unbeatable price.

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Good Job Chrysler!!!!!!!!

Happy Dad, 07/22/2009
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Bought this after my TYoyota sienna lease was up and happy I did. So far it has performed well and me and my wife love the dual DVD screens for the rear seats!!!!(we actually can have a conversation). Also love the Sat. radio and the power gate and doors.

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