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2015 Detroit Auto Show: Infiniti Q60 Coupe Concept (FAQ)

2015 Detroit Auto Show

What Is It?
Infiniti Q60 Coupe Concept

What's New About This Model?
The Infiniti Q60 Coupe Concept is all-new and a preview of the next-generation Infiniti Q60 (formerly G37) that will be in showrooms sometime in 2016. Along with the new design comes a new 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 power plant that promises to be more powerful and more efficient than the naturally aspirated V6 it replaces.

When Does It Go on Sale?
Infiniti expects the Q60 to go on sale in 2016.

How Much Does It Cost?
No official pricing has been released, but the Q60 should have a base price of just about $40,000, with models ranging to $50,000.

How Many Body Styles and Trim Levels Are There?
The concept car pictured here is available only as a rear-wheel-drive coupe. Judging by prior Infiniti Q60 models, this will eventually expand to feature all-wheel drive and an available convertible.

What Kind of Engines and Transmissions Does It Have?

  • 3.0-liter, twin-turbocharged V6 with at least 300 horsepower
  • Seven-speed automatic transmission

Will It Have Additional Engine Options?
The Infiniti Q60 is setting its sights directly on the BMW 4 Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe. Both of these cars have a range of engines with four- and six-cylinder power. Infiniti couldn't confirm that the Q60 would eventually have a four-cylinder, but said that the Q60 would be competitive within the segment. Infiniti has a new 211-hp, 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder set for duty in the Q50 that, with a mild power bump, should fill the gap between the Q60's fenders well. Expect that version shortly after launch.

Will the Production Car Look Like That?
The first thing you notice about the Infiniti Q60 Concept in person is the hood. It's low. So is the grille. In a time when everything has an awkward bulge and upright hood to meet pedestrian impact regulations, Infiniti has found a way to clear that hurdle and design something sleek. It claims that the car we see here is 95 percent what we'll see in production.

Bits we expect to be changed include the tiny sideview mirrors, the silly 21-inch wheels, the small vent just aft of the front wheels and some of the fussiness of the rear bumper. That's about it.

What Models Will It Compete Against?
BMW 4 Series: The 4 Series' styling isn't to everyone's taste and is far more reserved than the Infiniti. It drives excellently, however, and features a clean yet modern interior that feels like it belongs in a $40,000-plus car.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class: The all-new C-Class is a departure for Mercedes. No longer acting as the entry-level Benz, the C-Class gained new levels of luxury and refinement, but may have lost a bit of its sporting edge.

Should You Wait for It?
The big names in the category, BMW's 4 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, have already played their cards. The 4 Series is listing toward performance, while the C-Class does its best impression of a baby S-Class. Infiniti has a natural bent toward performance, so if that's your thing, it's worth waiting to see what Infiniti is going to bring. It has a history of upsetting the status quo and from looks alone, the new Q60 is going to rock the boat.

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