2012 Detroit Auto Show

About 2012 Detroit Auto Show

It's been a reasonably good year for the Big Three. Sales are up, none of them have declared bankruptcy lately and the Lions are above .500. What better way to celebrate than a blockbuster 2012 Detroit Auto Show?

GM isn't planning to hold anything back, as it has announced that it plans to unveil four new vehicles in Detroit. We know one of them is the upcoming 2013 Cadillac ATS Sedan, but the other three are still a mystery for now. We're thinking maybe a new, smaller version of the Buick Enclave and a Chevrolet concept for fun. We'll see.

Ford certainly won't be left out. It's in better shape than either Chrysler or GM, so we're expecting big things in Detroit this year. High on the priority list is the redesigned 2013 Ford Fusion and its platform mate, the Lincoln MKZ. Chrysler is planning to make news as well, with the world debut of its new compact sedan.

Foreign automakers won't be left out in Detroit. Hyundai is expected to launch the turbocharged version of its new Veloster hatchback, along with a refreshed Genesis coupe. Mercedes-Benz is going to take the opportunity to unveil its all-new SL roadster, while Volkswagen is taking the green route by showing off a hybrid version of its Jetta sedan.

There will be all that and more early next month, so check back here starting on Monday, January 9 for complete auto show coverage straight from Cobo Hall.