Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Reveals Changes, Including More Customization

  • Grand Theft Auto V Picture

    Grand Theft Auto V Picture

    Rockstar Games has released a new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. | July 11, 2013

Just the Facts:
  • Rockstar Games has released a new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V that shows more car customization, plus the option to buy a car.
  • The game will feature more "legal" activities, including golfing and tennis.
  • Grand Theft Auto V hits shelves on September 17.

NEW YORK — Rockstar Games has released a new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V that reveals some surprising changes, including the option to buy a car.

The video in the trailer was captured entirely from in-game footage.

The Grand Theft Auto series is more than a decade and a half old and has been a gamer favorite for violent sandbox-style play. Rockstar Games looks to continue that trend, releasing the next game in the series on September 17.

The preview footage shows that players can still participate in staple activities like carjacking and the wielding of large firearms; however, there will also be plenty of new "legal" experiences like golfing, tennis, scuba diving and BASE jumping. The game veers off into white-collar crime, too, with the chance to invest money swindled during missions in a virtual stock market.

The game mechanics have been refined and graphics updated, which should make the experience of driving cars, flying planes and piloting submarines even better.

Grand Theft Auto V allows for a degree of car customization that hasn't been seen in previous installments of the franchise. Customization will include different body kits, wheels, exhaust tips, paint colors, suspensions, armors, tint and even the ability to change the color of the smoke that comes off the vehicle's tires. This will allow gamers to customize cars in different ways to fulfill their mission's needs.

Characters in the game now have the ability to buy a vehicle instead of being stuck searching for one to carjack.

Grand Theft Auto V is available for pre-order now for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Those who pre-order get ensured access to a special in-game blimp vehicle.

Edmunds says: Rockstar looks to have hit this one out of the park.


  • I'm too old and busy to have played anything past GTA 3. I can only imagine how detailed this version will be.

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