Long-Term Road Tests

Long-Term Road Tests

Read the latest test drive reports from our fleet of cars and trucks. Within the space of one year, we aim to put 20,000 miles on each of the road test vehicles, and we'll be taking pictures of the cars along the way. We want to know what it's like to actually live with and maintain each vehicle for a year. Check back daily for all the test drive news on your favorite car.


All Current Long-Term Vehicles

All Current Long-Term Vehicles

2015 Acura TLX SH-AWD2015 Acura TLX SH-AWD
Latest Update: Hailing the Glory of Auto-Cooled Seats and Smart Backup Cams — 10/1/15
2015 Audi A32015 Audi A3
Latest Update: What Caused Recent Check Engine Light? — 10/2/15
2014 BMW i32014 BMW i3
Latest Update: Recharging at the Beach — 10/1/15

2015 BMW M235i Convertible2015 BMW M235i Convertible
Latest Update: The Bad Kind of Loud — 9/30/15
2015 Chevrolet Colorado2015 Chevrolet Colorado
Latest Update: Towing Compromise We Can Live With — 10/2/15
2007 Dodge Charger SRT82007 Dodge Charger SRT8
Latest Update: Appeals Across Generations — 9/29/15

2015 Dodge Viper GT2015 Dodge Viper GT
Latest Update: Digging the Carbon Details — 10/2/15
2015 Ford F-1502015 Ford F-150
Latest Update: Can It Replace a Luxury Sedan? — 9/29/15
2015 Ford Mustang GT2015 Ford Mustang GT
Latest Update: A Hike, a Bike, and a Track-Day Wedding — 10/1/15

2015 Hyundai Sonata2015 Hyundai Sonata
Latest Update: Exactly What You Want — 10/2/15
2015 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk2015 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk
Latest Update: The Renegade Rumble is Not a Dance — 10/1/15
2015 Kia Sedona SX-L2015 Kia Sedona SX-L
Latest Update: Road Trip Lifts Lifetime Average MPG — 10/1/15

2014 Mini Cooper2014 Mini Cooper
Latest Update: Still Good Form, But Better Function — 10/2/15
2015 Nissan Murano2015 Nissan Murano
Latest Update: Fuel Economy Update for September - Good MPG (for a Viper) — 10/2/15
2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel
Latest Update: Due for Service at 40,000 Miles — 9/30/15

2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI
Latest Update: Cruising Through Its 20,000-Mile Service — 9/29/15
2015 Volvo S602015 Volvo S60
Latest Update: Auto Start/Stop Slow to Reignite Engine — 9/30/15
1989 Yugo GVL1989 Yugo GVL
Latest Update: It's Better Than Walking — 9/28/15

Past Long-Term Road Tests