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2015 BMW M3 and M4 Bound for U.S. Showrooms Next Summer

Just the Facts:
  • The 2015 BMW M3 sedan and 2015 BMW M4 coupe will debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show in January and arrive in U.S. showrooms next summer.
  • U.S. specifications, pricing, options and packages will be announced closer to the on-sale date.
  • The M3 sedan and the M4 coupe will deliver 425 horsepower from a mostly new, twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-6 engine.

MUNICH, Germany — The 2015 BMW M3 sedan and 2015 BMW M4 coupe will arrive in U.S. showrooms in June and debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

The M3 sedan and the M4 coupe will deliver 425 horsepower from a mostly new, twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-6 engine. The EPA has not published official fuel economy numbers for either car as of Wednesday. The V8 has been deleted from the lineup.

A new name, a new engine, a new transmission, less weight and 40 percent more torque mark the latest version of BMW's most famous sport sedan.

The cars sprint from zero to 60 mph in 3.9 seconds when equipped with the optional seven-speed M double-clutch transmission and 4.1 seconds when equipped with the standard six-speed manual transmission, BMW said.

The duo "will vigorously defend BMW's decades-strong position as segment leader around the world," said the automaker in a statement.

The car known since 1985 as the M3 now becomes an M4 when it's a two-door, in line with BMW's recent renaming of its smallest coupe as a 4 Series. The sedan retains the M3 name.

The new car is claimed to be around 25 percent more economical than the previous model, a variety of weight-saving measures complementing the improved economy of the powertrain to shave 176 pounds from the car's weight.

The most obvious weight-saving element is the standard carbon-fiber roof panel, provided for the first time on the sedan and coupe.

The hood, front fenders and much of the suspension are fashioned from weight-saving aluminum.

Aerodynamics aids have improved as well. They include a trio of gaping air intakes on the lower nose and a sizable rear diffuser.

The cabins get sport seats, a driver's footrest and an M gearshift lever.

Edmunds says: BMW M enthusiasts will be wondering whether a twin-turbo powertrain will blunt the responses of an old favorite, but there's no doubting this performance pair's style and content credentials.


  • marcos9 marcos9 Posts:


  • 06sti 06sti Posts:

    Oh mamma! Should I wait for the 2015 Mustang Boss and ATS-V, or jump at this since it arrives first... Decisions, decisions...

  • WHY IS AN M CAR USING A STEERING WHEEL FROM MINI!?!? NOT OK BMW! Otherwise, nice car. But i shouldnt be able to instantly recognize they raided the parts bin for that. Shame!

  • meest00gt meest00gt Posts:

    Impressive performance. I find it pretty incredible just how many cars can perform the sprint from 0-60 in under 4 seconds now. Considering how few could do this just a handful of years ago.

  • ed341 ed341 Posts:

    Why is the Corvette convertible the main article and the first real images of the M3/M4 tucked away in the "news"? I only know to look in that section because I see something interesting on Yahoo. Yes, Yahoo. New Mustang, yeah, Yahoo too. Edmunds site is growing increasing irritating to me. The home page just looks like its full of advertising and I have never once really looked at it, just dig through to find "Whats hot." The main page should be about whats hot! Isn't that the point of checking a website, to find the latest information?!

  • meest00gt meest00gt Posts:

    ed341, here's how I deal with that problem. www.edmunds.com/whats-hot I have the page bookmarked for easy access, or I just type that address in right away. I do agree though, I miss insideline.

  • bankerdanny bankerdanny Posts:

    Given how good the other turbo 6 engines are I find it hard to believe that any enthusiast is worried about blunt response from the engine. The steering however, that is a bigger question. Can BMW take a page from Porsche's book and get their electric PS to feel 95% as good as the prior hydraulic PS?

  • greenpony greenpony Posts:

    95% as good is a pretty generous target. I can see the successful advertising campaign now: "The new BMW M3 - 95% as good as the old one." Automakers should always ALWAYS design to be at least as good as the outgoing model.

  • nighthawk82 nighthawk82 Posts:

    Should be interesting to see what Cadillac will bring with the ATS-V sedan and coupe

  • shatner shatner Posts:

    An M3 with a manual would make me happy, even if it came with a Bose stereo!

  • joefrompa joefrompa Posts:

    Edmunds - a new m3 emerges and you get 10 comments on it. Should be evidence to your advertisers of lower engagement and is probably evidence of reduced viewership. Sometimes you stop sinking good money after bad and simply re-do the darn website to return it to it's former glory.

  • rayzor rayzor Posts:

    They look fantastic, however, I still wished that Bimmer didn't make the coupe a "4" series, come on! They are so similar inside and out buyers are not really getting anything different other than door counts...just saying...

  • jmaroun jmaroun Posts:

    Two words first, Big Deal! Here's why: With the current E92 M3 coupe base MSRP at $62k, I'd expect at least a $4k incrase for the M4 or $66k which is more than Cayman S ($65k), Stingray Z51 C7 ($56). Only thing the M3/M4 will have as an advantage over these two cars is two (+1/2) rear seats. Everyone knows, the new and beautiful 2015 Mustang GT, will offer a real V8 of course!, is American designed and made, will be pushing more than 420hp, 400ftlb, and will cost nearly half as much (at probably around $33k base).

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