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volvo 850 turbo

jamesmcsweeney, 02/15/2010
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I have a volvo 850 turbo since 2005 and I have fond it a very comfortable car to drive it has a lot of power and with a proper tune up its very fast .its also nimble in traffic .Yes you have to put premiuim gas in it but that is a small sacrifice for the power you are getting . all in all I love this car .

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Great car

seashell, 10/20/2004
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I bought the car because of the safety features. Luckily they've never been tested. The drivers seat is the most comfortable seat as was my 240. It gets decent mileage 22 to 25 (includes some highway driving). I don't like the price of the 30K service work but it's never let me down. The finish has held up great with waxing twice a year. The antenna has gotten bent in car washes and had to be replaced. I wish the new ones had as much room. I do ocassionally have to tighten the nut on the windshield washer arm. Overall it has been good to me.

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brando, 04/07/2010
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Great Car

regnellie, 08/18/2004
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Purchased this car new in 94 and have loved it! Car just totaled in an accident and of course everyone in the car walked away without a scratch! We will purchase another Volvo to replace this one, a used one this time. They are such great cars we have no second thoughts about purchasing a used Volvo, our first used car. Had around 108K miles and we had not had any major repairs done to the car. The yearly service was pricey, which is my only complaint with Volvos. However, they are such reliable cars that it seems like a small matter overall. This was our second Volvo and we will probably always own as least one! Tons of trunk space.

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Depends on your climate

Jason, 09/01/2005
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Bought with 78K miles in 2001. Amazingly harsh and brittle ride, lack of power at low speeds, tendency to wander at high speeds, narrow tires not very confidence-inspiring. Significant body roll, squeaky but effective brakes. Had a $500 problem with it once every year. Broken down only once, when the battery decided it had had enough and wanted to explode but didn't. AC evaporator tends to fail and costs a grand to fix. This car lets in an amazing about of heat in the summer, and I live in the northeast. This car is relatively cheap to buy now, but I would only recommend it to residents of Canada who don't like driving fast and have autobahn-quality roads where they live.

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jw, 03/11/2002
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I'm disappointed, this car has been the most unreliable vehicle that I've ever owned. It keeps on breaking, transmission, oil leaks,radio antenna, seat heater etc. etc. etc. . Each time I've thought well thats all, but it never is. This is all in addition to the fact that I've taken it in for every scheduled maintenance.

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save your money

qsource, 07/30/2003
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repairs are expensive for this vehicle, fuel pump died at 158000, turbo died at 164000, now it needs new valve seals at 166000 have not gone two months without something needing a repair.

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Volvo 850

lelan80, 04/06/2002
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Great Car - comforting to know family is in something so safe. Great Brakes

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good value for the money

atlmberry, 04/22/2002
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The value of options is good for the price range, however... if you are looking for reliability first, you probably don't want to look here. I got a "well" maintained 850 with only 83k miles - had it checked out before my purchase only to find out later there were many repairs required (A/C leak, rear main oil, front oil leak, etc.). It's a very nice looking car with alot of options but it's no Acura when it comes to repairs.

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2nd owner can't complain

bfriend, 06/03/2002
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I bought my '94 turbo in '98 and have had very good performance out of it. Reliability better than expected and dealerships (in 3 different states) have been more helpful than my distrustful nature cares to admit. Paint still looks good and overall have been satisfied.

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