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  • 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser Base in Dark Green
    215,129 miles
    Stock photo © EVOX Images
    Dealer:  (1)
    43.7 mi away
    Stock# 283586062

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    Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Lawrenceburg - Lawrenceburg / Kentucky

    Located 44 miles away from Louisville, KY

    Dealer Review:

    STEER CLEAR: Bad business practices and/or lies and deception... either way, well worth a 1 star review. For a few days, we had been looking at a 2012 Ford Focus located at Chrysler of Lawrenceburg. We called about its availability, being about a 30 minute drive from the car lot. Further, my sister-in-law took off work, drove from Lexington, and wasted a half day's pay. ~~ After checking, MATT told us multiple times that it was still available. Then, the next morning, we received a text message confirming the availability of the car. One more time, before walking out the door of our house, I had my wife call to verify that it was still available. "Yes, the car is still available and sitting out front waiting on you". We arrived: BILL met us at the steps. After we looked over the car, he retrieved the keys and took a driver's license for a copy. We test drove the car and proceeded inside to talk about price. I asked if they had had the car long.. "Not long" *BING* First lie (The car had been listed online for 195 days.) Let the games begin... At the table: BILL continued to talk with us and go over the details and VIN check. We placed an offer on the car, whose availability had been confirmed 2 or 3 times BEFORE we arrived AND we had just test drove it. ~~ BILL comes back with "grim" news. On "Monday" someone else had put down a deposit on the car (two days prior). Upon learning this, BILL acted surprised and proclaimed that he didn't know that the car was "sold" and would pay for our gas for our trouble and wasting our time. I told him that if he did so, I wouldn't leave a bad review. (I'm sure, by now, you can guess whether or not he "paid" for our gas.) "Other" cars: BILL asked if we were interested in another car, but we refused. BILL left, and "THE DIRECTOR" came out to offer us "the deal of a lifetime", "a more expensive car for LESS". (Upsell?) He apologized and said that TYLER was new (only been there for 3 days) and made the mistake. Poor TYLER, I bet he gets a lot of blame. ~~ Feigning concern for our plight and lamenting the "time" that we had wasted so far, being their mistake, THE DIRECTOR offered to sell us another car. We told him "No", again. (Tactic after tactic to keep us there longer.) He took down some info, and BILL returned with a gas voucher binder. He explained that the car had been in the back with a "SOLD" sign on it and the keys removed from the available keys. But, then, today, it was somehow out front waiting on us. (HOUDINI must certainly work there for such MAGIC to occur!!) ~~ He slowly wrote out a voucher, looked at a text message on his phone, stared out the window for a time, and then got up, walking away. I called after him, "BILL, what's up?" No response. Begin the waiting game: BILL and THE DIRECTOR were inside the office/lair of the "owner" for at least 10 minutes before I asked to speak to BILL. He returned and said that he was waiting on a signature for the voucher. We waited another 5 minutes and walked out the door, mind you, without the voucher. (I've seen some elaborate signatures, but surely, you can get a signature in 5 minutes). The phone call: BILL called on the phone as we drove down the road to ask if we had left. I told him, yes, and again rehersed how terrible their business practices were. The whole process wasted well over TWO to THREE hours. STEER CLEAR of this place. Clearly they use cars to lure you in, or they simply are inept. Either way, find another place to purchase a car. Management: Don't bother responding to this review. You had your chance to make things right while we were there. You wasted that chance and our time. You've helped reinforce my disdain for buying cars and car salesmen. ~~ I teach 60-100 students per year about the mathematics of your deceptions and will continue to do so. This story will be added to my already full arsenal.

    Features and Specs:

    Description: Used 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser Base with AWD/4WD, Rear Bench Seats, Audio and cruise controls on steering wheel, 6000lb Towing Capacity, Stability Control.
    Transmission: Automatic
    Drive Wheel Configuration: four wheel drive
    13 Combined MPG (12 City/15 Highway)

    Listing Information:

    Certified Pre-Owned: No

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332,000 miles and still going STRONG.
Jay Griffin,05/25/2016
I have a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser. The Land Cruiser has been in continual production longer than any vehicle in history. The Japanese have it figured out. My neighbor has a 1997 Land Cruiser with 519,500 miles on it. That's right. 519,500 miles on it and still running strong. The great thing about a Land Cruiser is that if you purchases wisely you are owing the slowest depreciating vehicle on the planet. While the gas mileage isn't all that great (maybe 15-16 mpg) I'll gladly hold on to this vehicle as it is a great value that will lose very little value over time. I'm convinced a well cared for Land Cruiser is the best used car you can purchase. The 1997 Land Cruiser represents the last year of the FJ80 series featuring the BULLETPROOF 4.5 Liter V6 engine. It is nothing for these engines to do over 300,000. This 1997 is a very comfortable ride both in town and on the highway. They are also very safe and the 1997 does contain air bags. No doubt a Land Cruiser is the best combination of performance, looks and history. I've now owned 5 Land Cruisers (1974 FJ 40, 1983 FJ 60, 1986 FJ 60 and a 1988 FJ 62) and this 1997 is the best of the bunch due to an upgraded interior and engine over the 60's and 62's. I had trouble hitting 70 mph on the highway in the 60 and 62. My 1997 Cruiser runs perfectly at 70 mph. Do yourself a favor. Find a well cared for 1997 Land Cruiser, buy it and drive it the rest of your life. It is possibly the best vehicle and engine ever made.
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