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The Old Reliable

mwhitted, 02/01/2012
4dr SUV 4WD
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I have now owned my 2000 LC for 7 years; I bought it used with 54K miles. It now has 160K and still runs like the day I bought it. It does get only 16-17MPG tops, but gas mileage is not why I purchased. It is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned; it's solid, it's safe. I just picked up today from having routine maintenance; my mechanic says there is nothing wrong with it! Change the timing belt every 60K, change the oil every 4K, do a tune up every 75K, use Michelin's and they will drive forever. I have a friend with the same model with >300K and it still runs great! I have driven the Appalachians to the Tetons, on road, extreme off road and it has never let me down! Mine forever!

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16 years of stellar reliability and value.

Edsel, 05/30/2016
4dr SUV 4WD
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I purchased my Land Cruiser new in 2000. It is still giving me near flawless service 16 years later. Beyond routine servicing; tires, gas oil, timing belt, coolant - it has been the most reliable vehicle I have owned in 45 years. I've owned BMW's, Jaguars, Lexus' nothing comes close to this Land Cruiser. Edit: (05/31/2017) I traded the Land Cruiser in for a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. My LC had too much rust on frame cross members, component brackets and trailer hitch assembly to be used reliably everyday. This Cruiser had some of the same rust problems the infamous Toyota Tacoma had of the same era but without Toyota's generous trade-in/repair recall program. I miss my Land Cruiser everyday but I wasn't about to surrender $80k for a new one. After first owning a new 1991 FJ80 and then a new 100 series Land Cruiser it's really hard to adapt to a Grand Cherokee. I'm very tall so my choices for a new 4x4 utility vehicle were almost non-existent. The Jeep GC became my compromise purchase. Update: 5/31/2020 Rumors are, there is a new Land Cruiser on the horizon. Let's hope Toyota has returned the Land Cruiser to its roots and purged the 200 series of its exorbitant glitter. My 2017 Grand Cherokee is garbage. It can't shift correctly, locking the differential is temperamental, and the touch screen to control some basic cabin environmental features is stupidly dangerous.

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Best of the Best

Land Cruiser #1, 07/05/2005
4dr SUV 4WD
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I've had two Land Cruisers a 1997 and 2000, and with out any doubt, the Toyota Land Cruiser is the overall best SUV made today. I sold the vehicles when they had around 100k miles on them. However, I could have kept them for another 100k. Both vehicles were dealer maintained and they never had to do anything other than the routine scheduled maintenance. Everything about the vehicles was quality not a cheap part to be found inside or out. It is no wonder why the UN uses these vehicles around the world for relief efforts rather than the cruddy Land Rover Discovery anymore. By the way, I had a 96 Discovery SE7 and the damed thing started costing me $2000 per repair twice a year after 50k miles.

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Great vehicle

caribouowl, 10/17/2010
4dr SUV 4WD
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Bought the LC new in 2000 after owning and being disappointed with the quality of Chevy's for years. I did quite a bit of research and everything pointed to the LC for reliability and ruggedness. It has lived up to its reputation. I've used it for long trips, hauling stuff, going off road in the national forest in northern Minnesota, driving in heavy snow, etc. It is reliable and, after 10 years, runs like new. Have gotten 60K on the Michelin tires.

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Like No Other Super SUV

rquigley, 03/06/2006
4dr SUV 4WD
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Purchased with 115k on the odometer and never had a doubt it would be a solid truck. Read a zillion reviews online and everyone said the Cruiser was the best. Strong as an ox, can handle car pool when needed and a beast off road. Took in up a 12% snow covered grade in NC. Brother in law's Jeep Wrangler only made it halfway up the hill before sliding back down the hill. Dad's ML350 never got a chance due to his fear of totaling it. Landcruiser climbed to the top without a problem. Of course the hill was so steep that i opted to winch it back down out of fear of sliding off the Mtn side and the ice/snow covered trail. Took 1hr to get it down but hey- Land Cruiser is the king of the hill.

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