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A wonderful car to drive, it glides

happy with my camry, 03/28/2009
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I bought the camry new. It now has 146,000 miles, I use it primarily in the city and occasionally for trips both within CA and to the midwest. It is just very comfortable and easy to drive, I can not stress the joy of driving this car too much. It is reliable too, even at its ripe age of 15 years, it has not let me down, I have maintained it though, with regular service. It gets 19 miles city and 25 miles highway.

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This car is forever

Linda, 01/30/2017
LE V6 4dr Wagon
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I bought my Camry station wagon in 2002, when the car was 7 years old, and now it has about 208,000 miles on it. It's the ONLY reliable car I've ever owned. I own a small business, and after my having removed the rear seat cushions, the cargo space was huge. Has needed standard repairs and replacements, but some were to replace parts that have lasted 21 years! I had planned to keep it another 10 years, but it got totaled recently. The loss was huge to me. She had no book value, but the reliability of a Camry is priceless. If you're not concerned about resale value, I would think you can keep a Camry running forever. I was getting about 21 city/32 highway, due to my carrying a huge load of heavy tools and building materials, not any fault of the car.

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Car You Must Have!!

MOSSO71, 02/18/2008
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I've been driving this car for around 2 years (was used, 84,678 miles). It is excellent, no problems whatsoever and I'm up to 95,235 miles. The ride is very smooth, the seats are comfortable, the noise level is also really low. The controls are very easy to use, and the displays are not confusing. The AC gets cool really quickly, and the heat gets warm quickly. Overall this is a great car that I would recommend. It's reliable and I haven't had any problems with it so far. Just I can say it's the best car ever!!

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I love my Camry wagon even tho it's old

MizMaryT, 02/17/2007
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My Camry wagon has been in my family for 12 years, it's the most dependable car we own - that's more dependable than a 4-Runner, a Volvo S-70 and a Pathfinder - all 3 of which have problems with the engin sensors. My wagon is too old to have engine sensors - I don't think computers were even invented back in '95 ;-) They just don't make cars now like they used to!

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My Wonderful '95 Camry Wagon

mikes_myth, 01/23/2013
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I got this car 16 years ago this Jan 25th from a Toyota dealership. It had come in after a two-year lease. Best car I've ever owned - Love it. Flash forward 16 years - The car has served me extremely well. No plans to get rid of it, even though it's showing a bit of wear. Then nearly two months ago I got broadsided and the passenger front and rear doors are severely pushed in. The ins co wrote it off as a total loss. I haven't settled yet - still looking for an exact replacement. I may buy mine back in case I have to steal parts or do an engine swap. Mine is a dark green '95 Camry V6 LE with a roof rack. Looking for an exact model in the Los Angeles area.

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