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2023 Tesla Model Y Value
2023 Tesla Model Y
2023 Tesla Model Y trade-in prices vary significantly by zip code, mileage, and condition. Get a more accurate value for your car with the Edmunds appraisal tool.
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Estimated values for the 2023 Tesla Model Y
Values based on 12,000 miles driven per year, with no color or options selected
Estimated values are currently unavailable.
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Total Depreciation-$36,471
Based on Good Condition for five years
2023 Tesla Model Y
4dr SUV AWD w/Prod. End 09/23 (electric DD) with no options
Total Depreciation
Value breakdown
2023 Tesla Model Y
4dr SUV AWD w/Prod. End 09/23 (electric DD) with no options
YearCar ValueDepreciation
Total Depreciation
Over five years
Helpful information for you
Estimated Value Today
  • $33,866 - $37,993
  • Based on good condition.
Depreciation Insights
  • Different cars depreciate at different rates.
  • In general, new cars lose 60% of their MSRP in the first five years.
Know Your Car’s Worth
  • Nearly every vehicle depreciates over time.
  • With our free appraisal tool, you can get an accurate price for your car in minutes.
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