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Need a little confidence to go eyeball-to-eyeball with the salesman? Edmunds' True Market Value pricing will get you there. It's what other shoppers are paying in your area, including options, the car's color and any available incentives. Our TMV figures are based on the actual sales of other cars of its kind in your region and then adjusted for further accuracy using calculations designed by the mathematicians at There's no more need to guess at figures between the invoice price and sticker price; TMV narrows it down to a specific, realistic amount you can use when negotiating for a car.

How to Use TMV

By Philip Reed

The Best Start to Negotiating a Fair Deal

Picture this: You're sitting in the sales office at a dealership ready to start negotiating for the new car you want. The salesman leans back, smiles and says, "OK, make me an offer." What do you say? You don't want to pay more than you have to, and everyone knows you should "never pay retail." But you also don't want to make your offer so low he boots you out of the office. So you take a deep breath and do what buyers have done for years: you guess.

But wait! There's a better way than low-balling or just picking a number out of the air. Before you go car shopping, check's TMV®. It stands for True Market Value, and it is the number for car buyers. Sound good? Read our article to get all the details about how TMV works and how it can help you get a fair deal.

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