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2004 Suzuki Verona

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Guess it's still a Daewoo

Juan, 05/11/2008
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I purchased the Verona back in 2004 brand new and I was ecstatic. It looked great, rode well, and was incredibly smooth. I was always complimented on how good-looking the car was and how nice the interior appeared. And even now I still like the Verona, it's just the reliability that is complete crap. I've had issues with the 02 sensors, bearings, and now the engine has problems with the fuel injectors. At about 11,000 miles the whole transmission had to be replaced and it's now beginning to act up again. The car isn't worth the headache. And it's a shame because Suzuki could've had a hit.

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The Beast with Faults

geneo, 07/25/2010
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The Engine will pass most anything in and out of its class [I used to own an audi turbo] at the front end it has a hesitation. The suspension is too soft and will need to be replaced too soon [100k]. The electrical/indicator system is not the best[my check engine light has been on and off for over 100k and my millage has not changed since day one, and the dealers cannot give me a ration explanation. Car has 150k miles and stops on a dime and has bailed me out of several nasty braking situations!

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Must be the first one!

Lau, 08/26/2003
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Just buy this one yesterday....maybe the first one...only 6 arrived from port. This was a reservation. Best car for the price. wow!! features!! good motor. Alas, a good fuel drinker. RELIABILIY unknown

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2004 Suzuki Verona EX

hrb, 04/27/2005
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I have had numerous mechanical problems my 2004 Suzuki Verona, including steering wheel radio controls that took five trips to the dealership get fixed. The car is good overall, but parts are very hard to get, and the customer service at Suzuki Corp. is less than helpful. Be cautious if you are thinking of buying this car, as aftermarket service is difficult to come by.

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2004 Verona EX

Ladyb, 03/16/2009
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I love this vehicle, I did have an issue with it stalling on me, however, my dealer, especially the service dept go above and beyond to correct the problem. They make sure each time it is there whether for inspection of general maintenance, that they check the whole vehicle.

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