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Svx....sweetest car ever made.

girlofthenorth, 09/15/2008
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This car is awesome, I live in an area of over 150,000 people and never see another one! People always stare and ask what it is... haha. I love this car, it's super fast, but bad tranny:( too bad they didn't make them 5 speed. Auto tranny is poor and expensive to fix. $1400 for a tranny overhaul at around 120k miles. Engine is quiet, never burns oil. Brakes seem a little weak even after replacing things, still squeak. Rear wheel bearings seem to be a common issue on all Subarus I've heard of. AWD is sweet as hell though. Don't want to get rid of this car ever!

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Fell in love at first sight

ron193, 03/26/2011
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Take off feels like an American luxury V8, except it's awd so no tires slip. You'll get complements "what kind of car is that" question. I love the asymmetric mag wheels (L/R are different) which adds to uniqueness. It's a heavy and wide car, slalom like bends gets the car leaning like a boat, but it still grips. Great city driver if you don't mind the 6cyl mileage, great hwy cruiser. Braking is mediocre for car of this weight and pwr. Only problems were creaky dashboard (known to Subaru) and weak Tranny, which died after I traded it in. I'd taken it on fishing trip & even minor offroad (by accident) stoped when tranny temp light turned on. I'd buy this car again if possible.

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great car except for tranny

ozzy1, 10/20/2004
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Loved to drive the car, but had to put in 4 transmissions in the 9 years I owned it (bought it new in '92) Yes 4 trannys. Two were under warantee, but the last two were my expense and at over $3K...yikes. Got rid when it went again. I did not drive it hard either. CV boots go every year as well and tough to keep in allignment. With all that said, I would still be driving it if it were not for the tranny, as this was a great car to drive.

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Definitely a different drive

Xodi-SVX, 06/06/2005
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I purchased my Subaru SVX back in May of '04 and have never looked back. This car is completely different from every other car on the road. Its rare to see another one, and quite honestly, owning one is like having a membership into a cult of sorts. The 3.3 liter Boxer H-6 engine definitely puts out the power to the wheels, which happens to be all wheel drive. Coupled with independent ABS on each disc (Yes, four discs, not two discs and two drums), this car will get you up to speed and back to a halt in no time flat. And if you're not sold on it yet, here is another tidbit. When you floor it, a green light on the dash displays POWER. Such a rush to drive.

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Review of 1992 Subaru SVX

Bo Bowman, 03/01/2004
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My SVX has been a relatively reliable and fun-to-drive sport car. I have always been particularly impressed with the "quiet and smooth powerfulness" of the engine. It has always ridden well. I continually get questions and compliments relative to its sleek and "split window" exterior design. I believe its weakest design feature is the transmission. I have had it rebuilt one time, and I have heard that this is not unusual for this car. Also, I have found that parts are very expensive, and gas mileage is not good. I would say that it is an excellent buy right now for someone who wants a luxury style sport car at a less than $3,000 price tag.

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Why it has grown on us!

Brigitte Javidara, 02/01/2007
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It is one of the most fun-cars to drive. I traded in my 1989 Corvette for this SVX and immediately became a stable and peaceful person. The smooth and in particular the quiet drive, even at speed, is a real driving experience. It's like sitting in an air plane, smooth and quiet. There never were any technical problems. Now that I am older however, it is a little harder for me to get in and out of the car.

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Great car, expensive to fix

ChrisP, 04/24/2003
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I've had this car for almost 5 years now. Bought it with 80k. Tranny fixed under warantee, 24k later, tranny fixed again. Front rotors warped, got aftermarket 'low heat' pads when turned rotors and rotor live seems to have improved. Power steering hoses popped off twice.

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What more can you ask for

vollball81, 03/05/2004
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I bought this car with 180k on it and it runs perfect still. The interior is perfect. The tranny was rebuilt, and the car electronically works perfectly. This car I expect to go at least another 100k

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Great besides the transmission

SkubaSteevo, 07/07/2003
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I bought the car last year with about 78k and have put just over 8k miles on it. The only big problem has been the transmission, which needed to be rebuilt about 1/2 yr ago. Excelent car overall.

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Trouble Free is Me

Jazzy Min, 08/01/2002
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Ten years and going strong. Unsurpassed all weather handling. Quality manufacturing and design, both interior and exterior. Superb reliability. If they sold it again, I would buy in a heartbeat. The WRX is great, but the SVX is incomparable.

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