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1 out of 5 stars

Incomparably the worst vehicle in its class!

Mr Mental Mike Y, 04/01/2019
updated 10/20/2021
2014 Ram Promaster Window Van 2500 High Roof 3dr Van (3.6L 6cyl 6A)
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Say goodbye to your cash now! If you are looking to purchase one of these vehicles I highly suggest, from experience, not to purchase the Ram Promaster 2500. Why not? Because you want a vehicle that doesn't need to have its transmission replaced every hundred-thousand miles. What? Yes. It has a mini-van trani in it and they are only rated for 100,000, that's it I had mine done at 98,000 But that's not all. There are plenty of other issues, nearly to numerable to list. Electronics shorts require it to be jump started frequently. The mechanics are unable to find these and down time has been costly. The radio and rear cameras stopped working and were disconnected. The transmission mounts went and now the van can make sharp right hand turns without you even turning the wheel! It will drive you right off the road in moments should you blink too long. It's rated at 20mpg but that's a lie. You are fortunate to get 15. Continual problem with the rear door locking Sounds like a freight train going down the road. You cannot get parts for it!!! I have been on a waiting list, and I am number 365 on the list, just for a transmission mount. Brake caliper blew up. They are not sold at the local auto parts store, nor are they sold at Napa nor are they sold at Autozone, nor are they sold at Advanced Autoparts. You have to go online and search for them. Or, you could ask your dealer. I think that's what Ram wants, use their overpriced dealer garages to siphon even more money out of your wallet. Let's review shall we: Faulty breaks Faulty electrical system Full dashboard failures Mini-van transmission that you are guaranteed to have to replace Engine mounts that will need to be replaced Hard to find, no, nearly impossible to find parts Locking issues Water comes in through the top of the windshield I mean, these are not little issues. These are time intensive, costly issues. Please, do not purchase this van. You will certainly regret it. I was insulted one day when a fellow contractor said I had purchased one and he said that he had one at one time and that it was the biggest hunk of junk he had ever purchased. Now that I think about it he was most certainly %100 correct. I could have done better in a junk yard and saved myself all of that money. If I can even sell it I doubt I will even get back the money I put into the repairs! I am updating this review. Since the last time we now have a tapping noise which may be the valves. I was told the transmission, a different part of it this time, should be replaced (again). The door fan motor had gone and was clicking mercilessly. The book hours on that are THIRTEEN to replace it which entails dismantling the entire dash, steering column and AC lines + part price. We have an electrical short STILL that several mechanics have not been able to isolate. Batteries keep dying. Back bottom lock-catch on the rear door needs to be manually opened every time I want to shut the door. Using a defroster this past winter the front windshield just cracked. It now makes a big clunking noise when I go around corners like the back box is trying to rip free. It's even tipping to one side now And all of this in under 140,000 miles... AND NOW, at 142,000 we just got our SECOND TRANSMISSION for $5400 YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!!!! Wait, it gets better! We have a piston rod going and the mechanic said this is a "throw away" engine SOOOOOOOoooooooo We had to have a NEW ENGINE put in at $7,000.00 You can't make this up The nerve of them even asking me to pay for a new engine is outrageous! They have the nerve of even selling these piles of moving garbage! This is hands down the WORST VEHICLE in existence, ever built, ever will be built $12,000.00 invest in just 2 months What a piece of poop this thing is Utter waste of materials I hate it will the glowing fiery passion of 10,000 white hot suns!

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